Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte at the Top of the Ticket as GOP Alienates Women Voters

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After Leticia Van de Putte officially announced that she is running for Lieutenant Governor of Texas, the contrast between the Democratic and Republican tickets became even more stark.

Now there are two strong female candidates with a wealth of experience in progressive politics at the top of the Democratic ballot, compared to a GOP ticket that will likely include no women.

That's not good news for conservatives: Recent polls show that women are becoming less likely to identify with the Tea Party or as conservatives. And as GOP candidates approach the primaries, attempts to campaign as the most conservative option may alienate female voters even more.

Read more after the jump.A recent survey administered by the University of Texas and The Texas Tribune shows that friendliness with the Tea Party may significantly hinder attempts to appeal to women voters.

According to the poll, Ted Cruz's net favorability is + 6 among men and ‐4 among women. For Hispanic women, it's -17.

An earlier survey of 1,200 Texas voters showed Wendy Davis trailing only six points behind Abbott with 34 percent of suburban women polling as undecided. That's a huge chunk of the electorate that has historically not responded positively to Tea Party politics.

In the UT/Texas Tribune October poll, twice as many women as men were undecided for the gubernatorial general election. While Abbott led in male votes by ten percent, Wendy Davis trailed him by 3 percent in women's votes.

The same poll measured Texans' opinions on abortion. 53 percent of Texans surveyed said that they believed abortion should be “always legal” or “generally legal,” a sentiment that will not resonate with any of the candidates on the all-male Republican ballot.

The contrast between the Democratic and Republican candidates demonstrates that conservative politicians are still not ready to acknowledge that Texas women are paying attention, and they are angry.

Now that Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte are leading the Democratic ticket, the GOP is in for a wake-up call.

Natalie tweets from @nsanluis.


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