Republican Attorney General Candidate Ken Paxton Eats With Racist Blog's Owner

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Recently, Urban Grounds blogger Robbie Cooper got to rub elbows with another top Texas Republican seeking his support. Burnt Orange Report has exposed the litany of hideous, racist posts on Cooper's website. He routinely hurls epithets at and degrades non-white people, degrades women and promotes violence.

Unfortunately, top Texas Republicans Greg Abbott, Rick Perry and David Dewhurst have gotten close to Cooper to the point of giving him an exclusive interview (Abbott), an intimate shooting range visit (Perry), and a cozy dinner (Dewhurst). The Republican Attorney General candidate State Sen. Ken Paxton is the latest Republican to seek Cooper's approval.

Read more below the jump.Paxton took Cooper, Ramparts360 bloggers, Empower Texas staffers, and members of the (shameful) Texas Young Conservatives to breakfast.

Why does Ken Paxton think it's acceptable to dine with the owner of a racist blog? No Texas Republican should embrace Cooper just because he's a conservative blogger. His blog is a hate-filled, racist disgrace.

Ramparts360 blogger Sibyl West described their policy discussion this way:

We “got down to bidness” when one of the bloggers asked him: As Attorney General, what are your priorities? He noted that in his 11 years in the legislature in Texas the biggest changes came under Obama and they involved increased investigations of individuals and businesses by the IRS and OSA. There has been what he called a “high level of assault on Texas oil and natural gas production.” Keeping these open and running is number one on his list. Then comes Second Amendment issues such as CHL, campus and open carry. He, along with Governor Perry and AG Abbott, is with Birdwell's bill.

As far as the position of Attorney General goes he says “Strategy is the biggest job.” Among issues of concern the greatest is Medicaid expansion. One of the Young Conservatives of Texas quoted Dr. Ben Carson as saying Obamacare is not about health care, it's about control. Paxton agreed and added, “Yes, because if it's about health care they're stupid.”

How exciting, another potential Attorney General who thinks the job is legislative tirades against the Obama administration. It's no wonder this Abbott acolyte agrees that embracing Robbie Cooper is OK.


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