Wendy Davis, the Candidate for Young Texas Voters

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It's official; she's in. This past Saturday Senator Wendy Davis filed the necessary paperwork to become an official candidate for next year's Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Senator Davis went from a tiny trailer to our State Senate, and she is running for Governor so that all Texans have the ability to experience the same Texas promise. Her message of a renewed Texas promise is clearly resonating with voters across the State.

On November 4th, the Texas Tribune released a poll that showed Senator Davis trailing the likely Republican nominee, Greg Abbott, by single digits. In a matchup between the two, Abbott leads Davis 40 to 34. This number ought to bring Texas Democrats hope about bringing new leadership to our State. The other number that should excite Democrats is the way the Senator's message is being received by young voters.

The UT – Texas Tribune poll has Davis leading Abbott by 11% among voters 18-29.

More about what this means below the jump.  Current Governor Rick Perry won his last election against Bill White by about 600,000 votes. Perry won every voting bracket except the youth vote, which he lost by 5%. He also won the women's vote' by 8%. Fortunately, things have drastically changed since 2010.

Texans have grown tired of the failed leadership that has plagued Texas for twenty years. Since Republicans lifted regulations on college tuition, costs for higher education have skyrocketed. Texas students now have to pay 55% more for a college degree than they had to a decade ago. The average student in the state of Texas graduates with a debt of $20,919. The promise of the higher education for all Texans is becoming more unreachable every year. What is the Republican solution to this? Cutting millions from higher education.

Young voters know that Greg Abbott will push for the same disastrous ideas that have destroyed the dream of higher education for so many. What young voters want is leadership in Austin that will put the people of Texas first. Young voters saw Senator Davis filibuster a bill that cut education funding by $5.4 billion and know she will make education and jobs for young Texans a priority as the 48th Governor.

College Democrats across the state are mobilizing students, registering new voters, and helping write a new chapter in Texas history. We see this as our opportunity to finally have our voices heard after years of being ignored by Greg Abbott and other failed leaders. We are ready for a Governor who will listen to us, and so are most Texans.  


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