Candidate Filing Roundup; Sen. Wendy Davis and General Greg Abbott to Face Primary Challengers

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On Saturday, November 9, filing for the 2014 general election officially began. Between the two major parties, 85 candidates filed paperwork to officially become candidates for the 2014 election cycle. Leading each of their parties, Sen. Wendy Davis (D) and Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) were both at their respective state party offices on the first day, making their expected 2014 face-off official. Greg Abbott was expected to face a primary, and two of his expected four primary opponents, Miriam Martinez (R) and Lisa Fritsch (R), were at the Texas Republican Party headquarters to turn in their paperwork on Saturday as well. However, Sen. Wendy Davis received an unexpected primary challenge in Reynaldo Madrigal (D). Madrigal has twice previously run for mayor of Corpus Christi and turned in his paperwork without any media announcement.

Former El Paso Mayor John Cook (D) was also at the state Democratic Party headquarters to turn in his paperwork to run for Texas Land Commissioner. Lawyer Maxey Scherr (D), also of El Paso, became the first candidate to file for US Senate. Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman (R) and Sen. Ken Paxton (R) turned in their paperwork for their statewide bids to replace Greg Abbott as Texas Attorney General. Uvalde Mayor J. Allen Carnes (R) was the only candidate to file paperwork for the position of Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

Many more candidates filed for office in Texas on Saturday. The complete list is just after the jump!This list of candidates has been compiled from the websites of The Texas Democratic Party, The Texas Republican Party, The Dallas County Democratic Party, Politics1, the Facebook page of the Harris County Democratic Party, the Twitter feed of Bonnie Bruce, and the Twitter feed of TX Election Source.

Update: The Secretary of State website now has filing day information available for some Texas counties; four more candidates have been added who are running in Hidalgo County.

Update 2: It's Sunday, but four more incumbent Representatives have filed for re-election: Rep. Tony Dale, Rep. Larry Gonzales, Rep. Pat Fallon, and Rep. Ed Thompson. All three had previously stated they intended to return, but are now officially on the 2014 primary ballot.,

The following candidates filed to run for US Congress:

1: Shirley McKellar (D)

7: Lissa Squiers (D)

9: Al Greene (D – inc.)

12: Kay Granger (R – inc.)

12: Mark Greene (D)

13: Pam Barlow (R)

15: Reuben Hinojosa (D – inc.)

18: Sheila Jackson Lee (D – inc.)

19: Randy Neugebauer (R – inc.)

21: Lamar Smith (R – inc.)

26: Michael Burgess (R – inc.)

30: Eddie Bernice Johnson (D – inc.)

The following candidates filed to run for Texas Senate:

2: Bob Deuell (R – inc.)

5: Charles Schwertner (R – inc.)

8: Van Taylor (R)

10: Mike Martinez (D)

10: Libby Willis (D)

14: Kirk Watson (D – inc.)

16: John Carona (R – inc.)

17: Joan Huffman (R – inc.)

30: Craig Estes (R – inc.)

31: Kel Seliger (R – inc.)

The following candidates filed to run for Texas House:

8: Bryon Cook (R – inc.)

15: Bruce Tough (R)

16: Ted Seago (R)

16: Gary Louie (R)

16: Wil Metcalf (R)

20 Marsha Farney (R – inc.)

25: Dennis Bonnen (R – inc.)

29: Ed Thompson (R – inc.)

32: Todd Hunter (R – inc.)

34: Abel Herrero (D – inc.)

36: Sergio Munoz (D – inc.)

36: Mari Regalado (D)

37: Rene Oliviera (D – inc.)

39: Marmando “Mando” Martinez (D – inc.)

40: Bobby Guerra (D – inc.)

41: Bobby Guerra (R – inc.)

48: Donna Howard (D – inc.)

52: Larry Gonzales (R – inc.)

53: Karen Harris (R)

54: Jimmie Don Aycock (R – inc.)

60: Jim Keffer (R – inc.)

61: Phil King (R – inc.)

67: Jeff Leach (R – inc.)

71: Susan King (R – inc.)

75: Mary Gonzalez (D – inc.)

78: Joe Moody (D – inc.)

87: Abel Bosquez (D)

92: Jonathan Stickland (R – inc.)

94: Diane Patrick (R – inc.)

96: Bill Zedler (R – inc.)

98: Giovani Capriglione (R – inc.)

101: Chris Turner (D – inc.)

102: Stefani Carter (R – inc.)

102: Sam Brown (R)

102: Linda Koop (R)

102: Adryana Boyle (R)

102: George Clayton (D)

104: Roberto Alonzo (D – inc.)

105: Linda Harper-Brown (R – inc.)

106: Pat Fallon (R – inc.)

112: Angie Chen Button (R – inc.)

113: Cindy Burkett (R – inc.)

113: Milton Whitley (R)

114: Jason Villalba (R – inc.)

115: Bennett Ratliff (R – inc.)

115: Matt Rinaldi (R)

117: Rick Galindo III (R)

121: Speaker Joe Straus (R – inc.)

136: Tony Dale (R – inc.)

137: Gene Wu (D – inc.)

141: Senfornia Thompson (D – inc.)

148: Jessica Farrar (D – inc.)

The following candidate filed to run for State Board of Education:

11: Lady Theresa Thombs (R)

All of these filings have been added to our Burnt Orange Report Candidate Trackers and can be viewed at the following links:

– Statewide Offices

– US Congress

– Texas Senate

– Texas House

– State Board of Education

Did we miss something? Is something incorrect? Please help complete the 2014 database by sending an e-mail to with a linked source on what is missing. The filing deadline for the 2014 elections is December 9, 2013.

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