Jonathan Stickland Wins Rookie of the Year from Young Conservatives of Texas

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The only student organization that can make even baked goods look racist, Young Conservatives of Texas, has released its Texas Legislature report card.

The ratings, which YCT claims are “the most thorough, respected and consistent legislative ratings in the Lone Star State” (I'll just let that sink in for a little bit), name Representative Jonathan Stickland as “Rookie of the Year.”

And what a rookie he is! Stickland went straight from working as a pest control technician to threatening pro-choice protestors with guns. Senator Jodie “Clean Ya Right Out” Laubenberg also made the Honor Roll. We hope they send her a bumper sticker.

Read more about the Young Conservatives of Texas' ratings after the jump.For some context, the Young Conservatives of Texas received attention last legislative session for their role in legislation to establish a “family and traditional values center” for each gender and sexuality center on college campuses.

They also attempted to mandate that 10 percent of state universities' curriculum be dedicated to “Western civilization.” Luckily, both measures failed.

The YCT member behind these bizarre, bigoted pieces of legislation is Tony McDonald, who now serves as chief of staff for — wait for it — Republican Rep. Jonathan Stickland, the Tea Partier recently named YCT's rookie of the year.

The YCT cherry-picked 60 votes for their House report card and 42 for the Senate's, which they organized into red and green charts accompanied by often hilarious commentary.

Unsurprisingly, the Young Conservatives took a strong stance against Medicaid and use of the Rainy Day Fund for water projects. They defended HB 2 by claiming that the “bill will reduce abortions and improve health and safety standards,” failing to mention that it will only reduce safe and legal procedures and make safe clinics harder to access.

The organization also lauded Perry for vetoing the Texas version of the Lily Ledbetter act, calling it “hardly more than a trial lawyer's wish list.”

The Young Conservatives of Texas showed their darker, evil villain side by speaking in out against HB 852, which would ban the practice of “shark finning,” in which fishers slice off a live shark's fin before dumping it back in the ocean.

Although the bill passed with bipartisan support, YCT decried the legislation: “This bill will simply make criminals out of innocent fishermen.”

The group's longest and perhaps most impassioned piece of commentary regarded SB 376, which passed into law this session. The law requires public schools with over 80% of students who quality for free or reduced breakfast to provide free breakfast to students. The program, which is paid for through federal grants, is free for the state. Schools are completely reimbursed by the federal government.

But why feed poor children when you can use the situation as an opportunity to say that low-income adults are bad parents?

The problem of child hunger is a social one and a reflection of dysfunctional parenting,” YCT wrote. “The solution is not more government. The solution is to hold parents responsible for the care of their children.”

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