Agriculture Commissioner: Rep. Brandon Creighton (R) Quits Race; Sid Miller (R) Returns

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Can Rep. Creighton get a refund for these signs?

Republican Rep. Brandon Creighton could not take the heat. He was bold enough to take the plunge and announce a run for an open statewide seat, but after just over two months of running, he quit. When Rep. Creighton decided to run for Agriculture Commissioner, Burnt Orange Report reported on how he forgot to create a platform when he decided to run. Rep. Creighton will instead be running in the special election to replace Sen. Tommy Williams (R) and represent Texans from Montgomery, Jefferson, Harris, Chambers, and Galveston counties in the Texas Senate. Rep. Steve Toth (R) is also rumored to be considering a run in the special election.

However, nature does abhor a vacuum. While Rep. Creighton is departing the race, former Rep. Sid Miller (R) will be entering the race for Agriculture Commissioner. After a dozen years in the legislature, Miller's capstone was authoring 2010's forced sonogram law. Obviously, agricultural issues were Rep. Miller's top concern. Rep. Miller lost the Republican primary to the much more reasonable Rep. JD Sheffield (R) in 2012.

Unchanged and remaining in the Republican Primary for Agriculture Commissioner are former Texas Republican Party Executive Director Eric Opiella and Uvalde Mayor J. Allen Carnes.

Rep. Creighton's press release explaining his departure can be read after the jump.

Brandon Creighton Announces Run for Senate District 4

Montgomery County, Texas – Tonight at an event held by the Montgomery County Republican Party, conservative State Representative Brandon Creighton announced he will pursue the Texas State Senate position representing District 4, which includes residents from Montgomery, Jefferson, Harris, Chambers, and Galveston counties.

“I believe I can best serve my community and Texas by redirecting my focus to represent District 4 in the Texas State Senate,” Creighton said at the event. “Southeast Texas is one of the fastest growing regions of our state, and I believe we need experienced, conservative representation from someone proven to deliver results. Many generations of my family have called Montgomery County home, and as State Senator, I will continue to uphold the conservative values I have fought for my entire business and legislative career.”

Creighton, an attorney, businessman, and rancher, will seek to fill the unexpired term of District 4 Senator Tommy Williams, who recently announced his intention to resign from the Texas Senate.

“Senator Tommy Williams had a distinguished career in the Texas legislature, and we all should thank him for his years of service to Senate District 4,” Creighton said. “I was surprised to learn of Senator Williams' decision to leave the Senate and I wish him the best in his future endeavors. I have received overwhelming encouragement from community and grassroots leaders throughout Senate District 4 to enter this race. I was humbled by the tremendous support of my campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, but I have made the decision that is best for my family and I look forward to making an impact on conservative policies while continuing to serve as a Texas lawmaker.”

Creighton has consistently ranked as one of the most conservative Texas House members since he began representing District 16 in 2007. He received national acclaim for defending Texas' sovereignty and for passing landmark tort reform legislation. He has been a constant champion for 2nd Amendment rights and for protecting the sanctity of human life. He has focused on keeping Texas the top job-creating state by securing a long-term water supply and providing an educated workforce. He was also credited for helping keep Obamacare out of Texas. In 2013, he was overwhelmingly elected to chair the House Republican Caucus, serving as majority leader for the largest Republican state House majority in the nation.”

Rep. Creighton's change of race and Rep. Miller's announcement has been reflected on Burnt Orange Report's statewide and State Senate candidate trackers.


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