YCT Bake Sale Makes Clear How Much Conservatives Value Women, Minorities

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Yesterday, the Young Conservatives of Texas held an “Affirmative Action Bake Sale” on the West Mall on UT campus.

The bake sale, advertised the night before with a picture of the prices, was aimed at drawing attention to the issues YCT sees with affirmative action policies. The point, according to the YCT President, was to shock people into thinking about race and gender as factors in admissions policies at universities. Therefore, the blatantly racist signage was merely representative of the problematic and racist affirmative action system.

As a matter of fact, according to the YCT president, affirmative action could be considered a continuing cause of racism because it treats people differently based on race.

More on the Affirmative Action bake sale and YCT UT below the jump.In an interview with the blog Total Frat Move, President Garcia explained the impetus for the bake sale:

Yeah, the Fisher v. UT case kind of inspired us to do this, but also just the general practice of using race as a factor for admissions. We're against it. We don't feel that it's fair.

By hosting this bake sale, YCT UT intended to impart the following:

  1. It may be demeaning to minorities to say that they need affirmative action to succeed.
  2. A society cannot truly be color blind until they stop making decisions based on race.
  3. Affirmative Action may create reverse discrimination.
  4. Because of affirmative action, a minority may beat out someone more capable for a job or school, simply because of race or gender.

Not that it matters to the young folks in YCT, but in terms of enrollment in colleges there are still significant gaps between white students and those of other minority groups. Further, minority Americans in the workforce make less than their white counterparts across the board. If the answer to racism and inequality was truly just to stop recognizing the different levels of access minority groups have in American society, wouldn't we be much more equal by now?

In Texas, children who are Black and Latino are more likely to live in poverty than the average child. This means that these children are less likely to have access to certain institutional support structures, like well-funded and high performing schools to set them on the right track for their future. This puts them at a disadvantage from the second they enter the playing field, but the members of YCT UT don't seem too focused on these issues.

Affirmative action programs seek to address the real presence of systemic racism in our institutions (such as college admissions or wages) by attempting to open up more opportunities to groups that have been historically denied them. The main issue seems to be when those who are used to getting all the pie start noticing that sharing means they might get a smaller piece.

For the student members of YCT UT who spent the afternoon enjoying the shock value of their racist, sexist, and misleading bake sale, that is the only thing that matters.

YCT boasts such venerable alumni as Senator Rand Paul and our own State Representative Jodie Laubenberg, of House Bill 2 (and rape kits “clean her out” and “alleviate” pregnancies) fame.


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Genevieve Cato

Genevieve Cato is a feminist activist and a native Texan. While not writing for the Burnt Orange Report, she can be found working for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, serving as a community member of the Communications Committee for the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity, and drinking copious amounts of pretentious local craft beers.

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  1. The definition of insanity.
    The YCT was doing things like this back in 2003/2004, back when I was a student at U.T.  

    I understand that the organization likely has all new people, but back then, this went over like a lead balloon, and I can't imagine why they thought things would go any better this time.

    Isn't insanity doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?  

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