Greg Abbott's Top Political Adviser Tweets “Why Wendy Davis Is Too Stupid To Be Governor” Article

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Updated 2:48 p.m.:

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer issued a response, available below the jump.

Original Post:

Just weeks after Greg Abbott tweeted his personal thanks to a supporter who called Wendy Davis a “retard,” Abbott's top political adviser has tweeted an article calling Wendy Davis “too stupid to be governor”. Dave Carney, the previous top adviser to all of Rick Perry's campaigns, tweeted this on Thursday morning:

That's a link to the kind of hateful article that follows a headline like that.

Read what it said below the jump.Citing a recent Texas Tribune about how Wendy Davis is unafraid to fight for sensible gun control, extreme right-wing website Urban Grounds author Robbie Cooper, a racist who has called a group of African-American men “rabid pack animals,” writes:

COOPER: Texas state Senator Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis is even dumber than her fake blonde hair would imply…According to the far-left (and huge fans of Abortion Barbie) Texas Tribune, Davis is likely to add tougher gun restrictions to her campaign agenda if (when) she decides to run for Governor…

This is woman-hating bile, and it's got the full endorsement of the man in charge of Greg Abbott's campaign decisions. Texans shouldn't allow these people anywhere near the governor's office. As people like CNN right-winger Erick Erickson found out a few weeks ago, public misogyny against Wendy Davis backfires massively.

Dave Carney, Greg Abbott's top political adviser

The truth is, Senator Davis puts bottomless fear in the hearts of Texas Republicans. That fear finds itself in the company of ready misogyny that these twisted minds think will somehow gain them voters. They're wrong. And if Davis enters the race, they have set the stage perfectly for her to contrast her leadership, ideas and approach with their own. Wendy Davis wants to make Texas better, and the other side wants to attack Wendy Davis in the most offensive ways possible. In doing so, they'll push away voters in the middle and enable Davis, who is likely to have a volunteer force unseen before in Texas politics, to take the governor's mansion.

And what a brighter day that would be than the stormy one in which these cretins set up shop in the governor's office.

The full Urban Grounds article is here:

Update: The Texas Democratic Party has put out a statement about the tweet:

Top Abbott Adviser Tweets Misogyny

Austin, Texas – Continuing the Texas Republican tradition of disrespecting women, today Greg Abbott's top political adviser, Dave Carney, tweeted that Wendy Davis is too stupid to be governor.

Statement from Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer:

“It's clear that Abbott's advisers are following a strategy of offending every woman voter in the state of Texas. A woman who worked her way from a trailer park to graduate from Harvard Law School with honors is anything but stupid. Women throughout the state know what it's like to have their intelligence ignored and made a joke. It's never been a good idea to mess with Texas women. And come November 2014, the women of Texas will make clear that the joke's actually on Republicans who find it okay to reference such a hard working and smart woman as stupid.”


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