Ted Cruz's Awful Father: Marriage Equality Is A Socialist Plot

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Over the weekend, Ted Cruz traveled to Iowa for the Family Leadership Summit, and we saw all the usual stories about his 2016 intentions. Joining Cruz there was his father, Rafael, a pastor in Colleyville, who spoke as well. This isn't the first time they've appeared together; in fact, they have a father-son road show going.

In the past, the senior Cruz has said that God destined his son for greatness. He also compared President Obama's actions to Fidel Castro's oppression. Both of those claims have already proven Rafael to be an unstable, vitriolic person. At the Family Leadership Summit, however, he may have topped even himself.

Read and watch the senior Cruz's bigotry-laden quote below the jump.  

RAFAEL CRUZ: When you hear this attack on religion, it's not really an attack on religion. The fundamental basis is this: socialism requires that government becomes your God. That's why they have to destroy the concept of God. They have to destroy all loyalties except loyalty to government. That's what's behind homosexual marriage. It's really more about the destruction of the traditional family than about exalting homosexuality, because you need to destroy also loyalty to the family.

A repulsive, insane belief to hold. With overflowing self-assurance and a deep sneer, Cruz denies the entire humanity of LGBT people in promoting a crazy conspiracy theory. The fight for marriage equality is based on human love and building families. Instead of acknowledging this obvious reality, Cruz demonizes millions of Americans from the crouch of his hateful worldview.

Rafael brags often that he taught Ted about conservatism and how to approach life. Coming from a politically-pious, conspiracy-crazed, bigotry-promoting man like Rafael Cruz can only have so many results. Ted Cruz recently attended a rally hosted by an open racist, makes up lies to oppose nominees, believes the U.N. plans to put us in hobbit homes, opposes all pathways to citizenship even for undocumented kids, threatens to shut down the government if Obamacare isn't defunded, and claims marriage equality leads to the prosecution of pastors.

We all lose every day with this type of person, fit not for public service but street corner soap box rants, in the Senate.

Here's the video (quote at 3:41):


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