Senator Eddie Lucio Concern-Trolling Senate Democrats With Paternalistic Anti-Woman Legislation

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As far as I can tell, Senator Eddie Lucio is basically concern trolling the Senate Democratic caucus at this point.

First, the noted theologian claimed that it was impossible to be both pro-choice and a Catholic, causing many Texans who fit both categories (myself included) to spontaneously sublimate into non-existence, the fate of our immortal souls unknown. However, now Lucio's taken his anti-woman paternalism one step further, by introducing a bill at the end of the second special session that would require women seeking abortions to complete a three-hour course on adoption beforehand.

Yep. You read that correctly.

Senator Eddie Lucio wants to force Texas women to complete a three-hour online course on adoption, before she can get an abortion. And no, there's no exception for rape or incest victims, unless they're minors.

Not a course on birth control or contraception, or how to spot and avoid intimate partner violence, or how to gain justice as a victim of sexual assault, or the physical risks to a woman giving birth, or the digital divide and lack of internet access in poor and rural communities. Any of those might actually be helpful to the women involved.

Senator Eddie Lucio is so goddamn sure he knows what's best for the little ladies of Texas that before he pats us on the ass and directs us barefoot back into the kitchen, he wants to make sure we know we're wrong and that he knows best!

More below the jump.  Let's start with Lucio's narrow-minded, religious intolerance:

Lucio said he is proud of his vote and of his faith. He's never been coy about it guiding his legislative decisions, particularly on abortion.

“You cannot be Catholic and be pro-choice,” Lucio said. “It's impossible.”

If it's impossible, someone tell the 51% of Catholics who think abortion should be legal in most or all cases.

Furthermore, 76% of Catholics don't think legislators are required to legislate as their bishops wish. And abortion legislation is almost at the bottom of Catholics' top legislative priorities.

Lucio opposes not only abortion but also birth control. Yes, birth control, which 82% of Catholics say is morally OK, and which 98% of Catholic women use at some point in their lives. Birth control, which when used correctly prevents unwanted pregnancies and thus prevents abortions. The dude is even against women using BIRTH CONTROL.

Lucio really has no interest in women controlling their own reproduction other than just keeping their legs together.

Now, Lucio has taken his creepy anti-woman paternalism one step further. On the penultimate day of the second special session, Lucio filed SB 42, which would have required women to watch a three-hour online course about adoption at least 24 hours before receiving an abortion. There are no exceptions in his law for victims of rape and incest who are not minors.

So that's nice: Senator Lucio thinks rape victims and incest victims really need to be shamed into carrying their abuser's pregnancy to term by a webinar.

Here's the worst part: as long as this ass-hat is in the Senate, Democrats have only the bare 11 votes needed to keep anti-choice legislation off the floor, which means that if Wendy Davis runs for Governor, and Democrats don't hold her seat, Lucio gives Republicans enough votes to suspend the rules and pass all the anti-woman paternalism they want. (Ironically, Republican Senator Jeff “Hairy Legged Man” Wentworth used to vote pro-choice, but he lost in a run-off to Dr. Donna Campbell, one of the most anti-choice carbon-based life forms to currently walk the earth.)

So thanks, Eddie Lucio, for making so abundantly your disdain for religious freedom, your complete distrust of women's bodily autonomy, and your threat to all Texas women's rights.

It's well past time for Democrats to start recruiting a credible primary challenger — one who believes in women's rights — to face off against Lucio. Even if he isn't up until 2016, it can't hurt to start soon.


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