Mike Huckabee And State Republicans Astroturf Texas Capitol

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The folks at Fox News are not all on the same page when it comes to their spin of the backdoor abortion ban being fast-tracked through the Texas legislature. While Michelle Malkin went on air to criticize the Stand With Texas Women movement for “coming from outside of the state”, and, “being supported by national pro-abortion organizations along with a lot of [these]hollywood celebrities”, Fox News host and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, was promoting his appearance at the Texas Capitol with the national anti-abortion group Concerned Women for America and a host of “tv personalities“, OOPs!

Texas Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst had already started a narrative accusing the Stand With Texas Women organizers of busing folks in, but once it came time for their own rally they didn't take any chances. The Texas Tribune reported, “other leaders from national anti-abortion groups”, had come to rally including, “Students for Life of America, which organized a bus tour from Washington, D.C., to bring abortion opponents to Texas”.

Read more below the jump about how Republicans are exposing themselves as not so “pro-life” after all…And watch the video of Michelle Malkin damning the same tactics used by the Republicans to astroturf the state Capitol.

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The backers of this bill know that most Texans do not support more restrictions on abortion, and despite their best attempts to astroturf with national organizations, celebrities and ambitious politicians they still failed to gather more people than their opposition in orange.

Gov. Huckabee wants to protect Texas women from themselves by coming to our state and demanding we close nearly every clinic that performs abortions. On Sunday his Facebook status read, “This afternoon I am headed to Austin, TX to the south steps of the Capitol as we ?#stand4life to protect the health of Texas women and their babies.” At the rally he compared abortion to slavery asking if society could, “come to the conclusion that one person can take the life of another person.” The logical conclusion of rejecting slavery is to not tell others what to do with their own bodies. How can one have freedom without choice?

Pastor Robert Jeffress of the “prestigious” First Baptist Church of Dallas spoke to Huckabee before the rally, both men were intellectually dishonest and spoke from each side of his mouth. Huckabee exclaimed “good!” when referring to the idea that this bill would close clinics administering abortions, and it was only moments after saying that the new standards would provide protection for women incase of complications. Huckabee questioned why the “pro-abortion” side would claim they wanted the procedure to be rare if it was so good and “wholesome”. It is truly hard to be more disingenuous. People who support women's reproductive freedom do more to prevent abortions than Mike Huckabee could ever pray for, by promoting sex education, preventative care and access to contraception. Jeffress told Huckabee, “if Planned Parenthood really cares about women why don't they spend the hundreds of millions of dollars they receive from the government and other people, and bring these abortion clinics up to standard, they are more interested in dollars than in women's health.” I take it, if the “pro-life”/#stand4life supporters really cared about protecting life they would demand the state of Texas granted each woman in the state the reasonable opportunity to terminate her pregnancy before the all important 20 week benchmark. Instead, we are supposed to believe that having 5 clinics to serve over 13 million Texas women is really the best way to reduce fetal pain or ensure a mother's wellbeing.

So the message being sent is that this bill will not raise the standard of clinics but will shut them down, directly and intentionally denying women access to the care they claimed the bill would provide.

The Truth is you can't call the supporters of this bill “pro-life” and you can't honestly call it  “anti-abortion”. There is nothing about this bill that will effectively protect women or their babies — that opportunity was lost when Rick Perry denied Texas Medicaid dollars and our Attorney General sued the federal government ensuring Texas would continue to have the highest rate of uninsured children in the nation.

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Here is Michelle Malkin sticking her foot in her mouth:


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