Texas Capitol Floods with Support For Women's Rights

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Today at the capitol marks the end of the long and twisted road that leads to the conclusion of this convoluted special session.

Hundreds of supporters came to the capitol on this hot Sunday afternoon to show their opposition to sweeping anti-choice legislation. Namely, #HB60, #HB16, and #SB5.

#SB5 is the only bill that has passed through the Senate already, so it is most likely to be taken up first, there are many bills that the House needs to address first. Basically everything that Perry added onto the call earlier this month is in one way or another being taken up on the House Floor today.

While taking up SB 23 (a bill that relates to juvenile's mandatory sentencing requirements)  on third reading Representative Chris Turner made a parliamentary inquiry regarding the rules of the calendar. Because the House recessed instead of adjourning on Friday, it changed the rules as to what bills can be passed and how today. Because of this rule, the House was forced to adjourn around 4pm today.

So now the House will reconvene at 6:20pm, have at least one bill, SB 23, to take up before they take up any of the abortion bills.

Currently the gallery is still relatively full with supporters wearing orange. There was a small influx of anti-choice advocates wearing blue, but it seems to be a majority of orange in the chamber gallery. If you are a pro-choice advocate around Austin today, come on down to the Texas Capitol, show your support, wear orange, and be prepared to stay all night. The House convenes at 6:20 but come whenever you can.

Stay tuned, should get interesting. For instant updates, follow the hashtags of the bills on Twitter as well as the Liveblog on the front page of the Texas Tribune.  


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