Annie's List: “Put a Woman in the Governor's Mansion”

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Between vetoing the our state's own equal-pay act and calling a special session on limiting choice for women, Rick Perry has started some sort of renaissance for sexists across Texas.

Naturally, many women (and modern-thinking men) have become upset. Shelby and Katherine clearly articulated their outrage over the past week. And Shelby pointed out that you can do something about it — just this evening.

Annie's List, the excellent organization dedicated to electing Democratic women, proposed a new, extremely tempting long-term solution during their latest fundraising ask:

That brings to question: can we make that happen in 2014? One has to wonder who Annie's List has in mind. The most notable female Democrats in Texas are State Senator Wendy Davis and Houston Mayor Annise Parker, but both have indicated that they will not run statewide, focusing on reelection, instead.

Annie's List's Communications Director Mitra Salasel told me that due to the organization's past successes, “we have our eye on a long list of women that would be fantastic contenders.”

Annie's List's Statewide Opportunity Fund was created two years ago, and the organization is hoping to build it with this campaign. Salasel told me that any conversation about future Democratic leaders of the state must include our great women leaders. That will certainly be welcomed in the future, and As with a barren ticket for 2014, it would be welcomed with the utmost excitement just right now.

I can't wait to see what's in store.

Read the text of Annie's List's fundraising email below.

First he added insulting anti-choice legislation to the Special Session agenda while ignoring funding for our schools.

Then he did the unthinkable-vetoing the Texas Lilly Ledbetter Bill.

Perry has it in for Texas women. He's waging war on our right to equal pay for equal work and access to reproductive healthcare. And we're not going to take it anymore.

Here at Annie's List, we're officially putting Rick Perry on notice.

Two years ago, we created the Statewide Opportunity Fund for just this purpose-to set aside a war chest for the first Democratic woman ready to run statewide, and to make a significant impact in her campaign.

Help us elect Perry's replacement-give to the Statewide Opportunity Fund to put a woman in the Governor's Mansion.

End Rick Perry's reign of anti-woman extremism, and defeat his shameful policies for good.

Give to Annie's List today and let us know you're ready to elect the next woman Governor of Texas to send Perry packing.


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  1. Out of touch
    What research has Annie's list done in Texas? On the Republican side, Susan Comb's decision not to seek re-election as Comptroller suggests that she sees no path for her to move up. The other most well known Republican statewide incumbent, Judge Sharon Keller, is a slime who won't be moving up. If Republican women have no where to go, how is a Democrat going to even put a dent in the Republican hegemony? I expect one of the Castro brothers would try before a Democratic woman would try.

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