Rick Perry Insults New York in Latest Stage of National Embarrassment Tour

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Rick Perry has been traveling across the country touting Texas' economy and claiming our state has the peachiest economy anyone could ever imagine. Mostly, he's been angering locals and elected officials of both parties by insulting every state in the country not named Texas. California Governor Jerry Brown memorably called Perry's ads in his state “barely a fart”.

Governor Good Hair is slated to go to New York and Connecticut next week, and he just released a New York radio ad ahead of the trip. Apparently, Perry thinks the “insult to lure” strategy is a good one. The first lines of the radio ad:

  The “new” New York sounds a lot like the “old” New  


  Higher taxes. Stifling regulations. Bureaucrats telling you whether you can even  

  drink a Big Gulp.

  This is Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and there is a place where opportunity, freedom

  and innovation are flourishing, and that's Texas.

This bleak picture of New York is (a) false and (b) insulting.

Read more and listen to the ad below the jump.  New York has reasonable taxes that give it one of the best education systems in the country, and a health care system ranked far better than Texas's last-place finish. Maybe Perry doesn't know or care, but businesses are actually flocking to New York because of its educated work force and dynamic environment. Last week, New York City was named the world's business capital based on its its “economic strength, physical capital and financial maturity, human capital, global appeal, social and cultural character, [low]environment and natural hazards, as well as “institution character,” i.e. the openness of political processes and absence of corruption.”.

Texas fails miserably at human capital (our terrible education system), environmental hazards (devastating drought), and openness of government (we have perhaps the most crony capitalist state government in the country). The “strong” Texas economy Perry touts? Mostly low-wage jobs.

Instead of spending money growing the Texas economy by investing in education, job training and health care in our state, Perry is gallivanting across the country, spending taxpayer money making a fool of himself and harming Texas' image among our fellow Americans.

Listen to the ad:


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