Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri Was A Sleazy Boxing Manager

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Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri

Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri was elected to his position in 2010. “I'm humbled and honored that the delegates to the convention of the Republican Party of Texas have elected me,” he said at the time.

But Chairman Munisteri hasn't always been filled with humility and honor. Far from it.

From 1997-2000, Munisteri managed the boxer Ikemefula “Ike” Ibeabuchi. In 1997, when Munisteri became Ibeabuchi's manager, the Nigerian national kidnapped his former girlfriend's son, stuffed him in his car, and crashed the car into a concrete pillar. The boy was severely injured and still cannot walk properly. The court determined that Ibeabuchi was trying to commit suicide with the boy in his car, giving him a meager 120 days of prison time and forced him to pay the boy's mother $500,000 in a civil settlement.

This terrible crime did not deter Munisteri from continuing to manage Ibeabuchi. “Ike has no criminal charges against him, no serious charges ended sticking, just a misdemeanour,' Munisteri, also a practicing attorney told the Vancouver Sun in 1999. “He had an incident with the law, it's resolved and we move on.” “Just a misdemeanor” in which Ibeabuchi kidnapped and partially disabled a child.

“I planned his comeback,” Munisteri boasted in a 2006 boxing blog interview. “After the Tua fight, and the injury to the child; he was incarcerated, and no one would touch him. He dropped out of the rankings.” No one except for Munisteri that is, who was concerned only with making a buck by pushing Ibeabuchi's career forward.

Read more after the jump.Munisteri's management did not stop Ibeabuchi from committing another horrific crime. In 1999, Ibeabuchi called an escort to his Las Vegas hotel room. When she refused to have sex with him, he threw her in a closet and attempted to rape her. The screams were so loud that other guests called hotel security officers, who were able to save the woman. Ibeabuchi was incarcerated again.

Convicted Felon Ike Ibeabuchi

While Ibeabuchi was in prison again, Munisteri predicted Ibeabuchi would beat the charges and “could be resuming his boxing career in the not too distant future.” He also reminded the Sunday Times of London that the accuser was “an admitted member of an adult-entertainment service.”

In 2001, Ibeabuchi was convicted of two felonies: battery with intent to commit a crime and attempted sexual assault. He received two to 10 years for the first, and three to 20 years for the second, to be served consecutively.

Ibeabuchi, who has since changed his name to “Ryan Blake Montgomery,” was eligible for parole in 2007. In 2004, Munisteri continued his brazenness, telling ESPN, “I wouldn't want to be the first guy Ike fights when he gets out jail — for a lot of reasons.” In 2006, Munisteri argued that his former client should not be deported to his home country if released:

Well, number one, he is not an American citizen. That's very problematic, because if you're convicted of a felony, you get deported. He is a boxer, it's what he does, and he should have a right to make a living…The odds are against it, but it's possible. He is a hard worker, and motivated.


No honor and no humility from Steve Munisteri. Luckily, corrections officers in Nevada do not share Munisteri's relentless desire for this felon's release, and the disgraced boxer is still in prison.

Why does Steve Munisteri continually support a man who kidnapped a child and partially disabled him for life? Why does Steve Munisteri continually support a man who battered and attempted to rape a woman? Why does Steve Munisteri think that violent felons who are not U.S. citizens shouldn't be deported when they are let out of prison? How much money did Steve Munisteri make working for convicted felon Ike Ibeabuchi?

Why is a person like Steve Munisteri leading the Texas Republican Party?


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