Bigotry-Promoting Republican Chief of Staff Tony McDonald Doubles Down

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Shortly after Burnt Orange Report thoroughly exposed Republican State Rep. John Stickland's Chief of Staff Tony McDonald for his history of promoting racism and homophobia, McDonald commented on the post:

Might as well have titled it “Conservative state rep's conservative chief of staff does and says hilariously awesome conservative things.”

Don't you fellas have something better to be doing with your time … like a losing another election?

by: tkmcdonald78676 @ Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 10:36 AM CST

Apparently McDonald considers his previous statements that gay Americans have a “sickness,” and that we should impose literacy tests to weed out uninformed black Americans as “hilariously awesome conservative things.” Charging white people more money at a bake sale and equating our American liberties to terrorism falls under the same category for McDonald.

Well, that's just plain wrong. Those viewpoints are hateful and repulsive.

What's more troubling is that his comments are not even that surprising for a Republican anymore, and it's not even clear if McDonald's boss State Rep. Jonathan Stickland objects to the comments. This is standard for a destitute, dying party whose members have compared being gay to incest and being in “bondage.”

Americans disagree strongly with these Republican attitudes because the vast majority knows that there is nothing wrong with being gay, and there's definitely something wrong with thinking there is. It's one of the many issues that elected Republicans are deeply out of step with the country on – so much so that this week, 75 former elected Republicans giving reason a try signed a legal brief supporting marriage equality. It will be submitted to the Supreme Court ahead of hearings next month on the constitutionality of California's marriage equality ban.

Shortly after our original post was published, Tony McDonald apparently pulled down the blog posts BOR referenced. In fact, he pulled down all of his blog posts.

Perhaps even he knows how disgusting his views are, on some level. Sadly, what's more likely is that his boss pitched a fit and told him to delete the offensive remarks in question. Unfortunately for McDonald, those statements were on his blog for five years, and I captured them in their last 24 hours online. Here you go.

If the modern-day GOP has any hope of survival, they need to cast the likes of Tony McDonald out of their ranks. Fortunately for Democrats, that looks like it won't happen any time soon.


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