Steve Stockman: Texas's New Crazy

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We've had Ron Paul. And we still have Louie Gohmert. But Texas has a new King of Crazy in Congress now. (And no, as crazy as Ted Cruz is; there's worse!)

Ladies and Gentlemen: Congressman Steve Stockman. He served in the United States House back in the 1990s for one term before being beaten back by Nick Lampson. Now, in the new 36th Congressional District, he's back.

As Joe pointed out yesterday, Congressman Stockman threatened the president with impeachment over gun control actions. But he's not done.

Now he's comparing the president to Sadaam Hussein. Really. Watch below. From last night:


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      • I really thought it was intentional

        You know, sometimes typos aren't revealed by spellcheck. I'll never forget the time I once typed: 'How lovely is the sun' and it came out — published, for a few days, mind you — 'how lovely is the anus'.

        Couldn't blame it on autocorrect, either.

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