Is There A Lawyer In Texas with Half a Brain?

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Is There A Lawyer In Texas with Half a Brain?
100,000 Suicides Texas Fusion Centers
Add Pharmaceuticals and Human Testing  brings Governor
Rick Perry Total Up To 288,000 Deaths.
Syria has long way to catch up just 44,000
Let me give you a clue – Fusion Centers
Are Federally Funded!

You got 25,000 Cases Right Now Waiting for
You To Step Up!

Once you're done, we will have to release all the prisoners in Rick Perry's Prisons for Profit and Institutions, so we have room for the real criminals! The deficit is history once we liquidate their assets with no harm to the economy just 2% of population, protected from human experimentation.


If the following statement is a true, then we need to include all Congressional Representatives, Governors, Senators, The Wealthy Few and their entire extended families into this program today!

“For any new weapons system it has always, ALWAYS, been necessary to test it on human subjects to refine and perfect the weapon, whether chemical, biological, nuclear, or in this case microwave and radio frequency radiation weapons.”

I Am Just Trying To Tell Texas What The Rule-of-law Is!

1. State Sponsored Voter Fraud by Remote Electronic Device, Increased The Count for The Texas “Republican House” Super Majority
2. Texas Fusion Centers Known As “Governor Rick Perry’s Command And Control Centers” Red State Communism
3. State Use of Deadly Force by Aircraft, Aerospace, Satellite, Tower or Victor* any Victor (2 shot dead in November Fleeing The Deadly Machine)
4. State Human Experimentation Biological and Electromagnetically (Can be Seen By Mortality Rate Spike 2001-2004 Across the U.S.A)
5. State Sponsored Human Trafficking of the Disabled across State Lines To Slave Farms
6. State Sponsored Drug and Arms Trafficking going on for a decade – Well before Fast and Furious was ever conceived (Innocent People Still Being Held In Texas Prison, 3% Executed are Innocent)
7. State Pluralistic Application of Law (White Supremacy Murder Squad go undetected by the same Texas Domestic Surveillance System designed for incumbents to hold power)
8. Conspiracy against the Citizens of the United States
10. No Separation of Powers from the Texas Executive Branch (Causal link to Judicial Corruption – the likes we Never Seen Before In Texas Since 1845 after corruption bankrupted The Republic of Texas)
11. State Sponsored Attacks on Elderly, Sick, Disabled Housing, Education and Persons Rightfully Receiving Their Entitlements To Such Services By Life Long Payroll Deductions and/or Military Service
12. States Sponsored Terrorist Threats
13. Endangering Censorship By The State Forced Upon Professional Journalist And Once Credible News Media
14. Investments In Porn Operations by those of State Public Trust
15. State Sponsored Luxury Airlines Pathway To American Citizenship via Texas, While Billions of Federal Dollars paid to police the borders to stop Migrant Workers for crossing the Rio-Grande
16. State Sponsored Pilotless Drone In Operation In South Central Texas Before FAA Regulations Approved Jeopardizing Passenger Plane Safety
17. Low Altitude Staking by Drone
18. Low Altitude Staking by Domestic Surveillance Helicopter
19. Electronic Exploitation including non-lethal weapons used on Texas Citizens
20. No legal Representation for Those in Poverty, Receiving Social Security Benefits, or Those with Disabilities
21. Denied Due Process Criminal Violations against the State Not Prosecuted or Investigated
22. State Sponsored Political Targeting and Retaliation
23. Privacy Violations Transmittal False, Misleading, or Manipulated Data
24. Conflict of Interest State Sponsored Private Security Firms, especially Private Security Investigative Corporations
25. Abuse of The 911 Patriot Act Against Innocent Texans and the Sharing of Data

Allegations were reported to Texas Enforcement by Texans

Background 2007 – 2010

Today 01/12/2012

Live in Texas? Rick Perry Has already had been in your house after cleaning out your pockets. Governor Rick Perry and both Texas Senators are responsible for 100,000 of suicides by playing these x-box games. Not one Terrorist from this intrusive behavior with the sole purpose of political targeting, holding their seats of power. The Supreme Court considers that high treason. Hang Um High Obama! And shut down Bain & Co. operations Digital Alley and others that drained every Federal penny they could get their hands on!

Reference: US government tells computer users to disable Java
Associated Press – 11 hrs ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is advising people to temporarily disable the Java software on their computers to avoid potential hacking attacks.
The recommendation came in an advisory issued late Thursday, following up on concerns raised by computer security experts.
Experts believe hackers have found a flaw in Java's coding that creates an opening for criminal activity and other high-tech mischief.

I have the burden proof for all allegations!

Gregory O'Dell 01/12/2012


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