Former Travis County Candidate Auctions Bushmaster AR 15 For Child's Medical Expenses

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Former candidate for Travis County Constable Michael Cargill is also the owner of Central Texas Gun Works in South Austin. While the City of Austin and Travis County are working to curb gun shows within their jurisdiction, Cargill will, this Sunday, auction off a Bushmaster AR 15 to raise money for an employee's daughter who has Atrial Septal Defect. The weapon is the one used by the shooter at Sandy Hook and even though the company that owns the manufacturer has put its shares up for sale the gun has been flying off the shelves since renewed talks of an assault weapons ban.

Cargill is no stranger to controversy. A gay African-American would typically find a warmer home in the Democratic Party, especially in Austin, but his enthusiasm for gun culture and questionable campaign tactics were enough to turn off Travis County voters. During the Democratic Party primary this spring he ran against incumbent Adan Ballesteros, dubbing him the “Cocaine Constable”, for which he was sued. He also received help from the Ron-Paul supporting SuperPAC Liberty for All, which is run by a young, eccentric East Texan with a large inheritance.

The following was posted on Cargill's Facebook page Monday:

“Baby Eli has an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)…So we are having a silent auction (Bushmaster AR 15, 5.56/ 223) to help Baby Eli so he doesn't require open heart surgery. Eli is 11 months old and his father is an employee at Central Texas Gun Works. So please stop by between today and Sunday Central Texas Gun Works 321 W Ben White #203, Austin, TX 78704. Starting Bid $1200.”


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