State Rep. Debbie Riddle To Texas Ex: Go Live in Afghanistan

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Yesterday, State Rep. Debbie Riddle posted a status on her official Facebook page bashing a made-up president who apologizes to Muslims.

“Our soldiers do NOT need to be taught how to be sensitive to radical Muslims. They do not need to be worried about blowing their nose wrong or using their left hand and offending someone. They need to just be focused on winning wars & protecting our country. Our soldiers are willing to fight and die for our freedoms – they should not be concerned with being PR agents or community organizers. They should not be bothered with being sensitive to people who want us all dead!”

Under the post, Abdul Pasha, a UT alumnus now a law student at South Texas College of Law, posted a response linking to an article about what “sensitivity training” really means in an American military context. The strawman Riddle is railing against is actually an important report on the relationship between US troops and the Afghan National Security Force (ANSF). The point of the report was the root out the cause of fratricide among allegedly allied forces in Afghanistan. The report explains that ANSF members found many U.S. soldiers to be “extremely arrogant, bullying, unwilling to listen to their advice, and were often seen as lacking concern for civilian and ANSF safety during combat.” Afghan security forces also report that U.S. soldiers speed through villages “shouting profanities and throwing water bottles at people.” “Their rudeness causes civilians to attack”, said one ANSF member. The report recommends “more extensive cultural knowledge and sensitivity training” for these American soldiers.

…Only the most logical recommendation in the world. Did Riddle care what the facts were or the fact that this training would actually save American lives? Of course not.

Riddle responded,

“Abdul, if you are so offended by our soldiers then you don't need us or our money in Afghanistan. As an American I am greatly offended that we have had American soldiers killed by the very ones we were attempting to train and help – Afghanistan soldiers. Get a grip fellow – if you want to be an American act like one and be proud of our country and stand up for our military. If you can't do that then go where people are sensative [sic]enough for you – I guess that would be Afghanistan – where they still live like they are in the Stone Age – but still very sensative.

Racist. Idiot. Disgrace. Riddle is all of these things. “[I]f you want to be an American act like one” she lectures Pasha – as if because of his brown skin, he has to aspire to be an American instead of simply be who he is. Then Riddle sugests that Pasha is against our military while he's advocating protecting American lives. STOP ADVOCATING THAT OUR MILITARY CONTINUE DANGEROUS POLICIES THAT GET AMERICAN SOLDIERS KILLED, DEBBIE RIDDLE.  Then Riddle suggests Pasha go live in Afghanistan.

Pasha said of this comment,  “Because of my name and what I look like and my skin color, she is saying I should go to Afghanistan and that I am not a real American. She should be a leader rather than telling a 23-year-old to go to Afghanistan. I am an American citizen. I don't need to go anywhere.

Well put.


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Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman has been a BOR staff writer since 2011. A graduate of the University of Texas, Ben has worked on campaigns, in political consulting, and has written for other news outlets like Think Progress. Ben considers campaign finance reform the fundamental challenge of our time because it distorts almost every other issue in American politics.

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  1. Texas vs. Afghanistan
    It's hard to say WHERE we should tell people who annoy us to go because one hopes one is being ACCURATE when indicating a suitable place for an idiot to live.

    Mr. Pasha actually sounds intelligent and seems like he is probably a credit to the USA which, Satan knows, could use MORE intelligent people.

    Ms. Riddle on the other hand is the sort of idiot who would be a liability to ANY country. It actually SEEMS FITTING she resides in Texas and actually holds Public Office here.

    Let us all hope one day Texas will stop being a safe haven for Idiots and actually attract People with Talent to its shores.

    Don't hold your breath.

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