Senate Republicans Lash Out at Ted Cruz

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In his campaign for the United States Senate, Ted Cruz has continuously attacked David Dewhurst for not leading Texas, particularly through the state senate, to an even more crazy conservative status.

Cruz insists that we don't do enough to attack immigrants enough through an “Anti-Sanctuary Cities” bill, even though statewide policy in regards to immigrants are the same as “sanctuary city” municipal policies. He implies that cutting $15 Billion from the state budget, hurting millions of Texas, simply isn't enough. He whines that we don't waste our money illegally trying to stop the TSA from doing what Congress allows it do. And he complains that Dewhurst has explored other options for revenue to stop Texas from going into debt.

Naturally, these attacks against Dewhurst are also attacks on the entire Texas Senate. The Republican Texas Senators have not taken kindly, either. They lashed out yesterday, releasing a letter signed by every Republican Senator except Brian Birdwell calling out Cruz for his anti-legislature rhetoric.

Sadly, they don't actually think his ideas are absurd. The letter basically yells, “No! We, the Senators, and Mr. Dewhurst, are actually just as crazy as you want!”

Yes, even the most moderate Republicans like the crazy, it seems. They just don't have thick enough skins to let Dewhurst take all the brunt for not doing enough bad. So, they set out to say how wrong Cruz is.

“This letter is to set the record straight,” they said, further emphasizing how some of Cruz's points are “simply untrue” while even referencing “Newspaper fact checks.”

Strong words from a strong body. But will it matter? Both Dewhurst and Cruz are sufficiently crazy to scare the pants off any non-Republican Primary voter, and it's hard to say how much any Republican actually respects a legislator's opinions. Republican primary voters may still prefer fire to truth, and Cruz brings more heat.

The implications of this letter on your next US Senator, therefore, are not huge. Either victor would be a FAIL for Texas. Worrisome now, however, is that the entire Texas Senate Republican Caucus has officially moved to Crazy Town, if they had not already done so. Read their letter below the fold.

Dear Fellow Texans:

In the U.S. Senate primary race, statements have been made that are untrue regarding the records of Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, the Republican Texas Senators, as well as Governor Rick Perry. This letter is to set the record straight.

The Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill

Many members of the Texas Senate and the Lt. Governor felt strongly about outlawing the practice of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. During the Regular Session, the Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill was blocked by the Democrats through the use of a parliamentary procedure. The Lt. Governor asked Governor Perry to call a special session, removed the parliamentary block, and the bill then passed the Senate along party lines early in Special Session on June 14th. The bill was sent to the House early in the Special Session where it failed to move and died. We are confident that the Senate will again pass the bill in the upcoming 2013 Legislative Session.

Controlling & Cutting State Spending

Governor Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst and the Republican-led Texas Legislature have always been committed to balancing the state budget without raising taxes, and have repeatedly done so since 2003. Most recently, the state budget was balanced in 2011 by cutting $14 billion in overall spending. Budget watchdog groups have repeatedly praised Texas for being a low tax, low spending state and specifically for keeping state spending lower than the rate of population and inflation growth since 2003. To characterize the Texas record as one of reckless spending is simply untrue.

The TSA Anti-Groping Bill

The Senate Republicans and the Lt. Governor wanted to protect travelers from unwanted and unlawful intrusion, so Lt. Governor Dewhurst requested that Governor Perry add the TSA Anti-Groping Bill to the agenda for the Special Session. The Texas Senate passed S.B. 29, the TSA Anti-Groping Bill, with enough time remaining in the Special Session for the House to take up and pass the bill. The bill was a tougher version than that of the House, but ultimately died as a result of opposition on the House side.

State Income Tax, Wage Tax and Payroll Tax

We the undersigned, and the Lt. Governor, have always opposed a state income tax for Texas, as well as a wage or payroll tax. Newspaper fact checks clearly confirm this.

Texans deserve to know the truth in this important election.


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