Holder Cleared Will He Now Prosecute Crimes Against Texans By Corrupt GOP Bush Era Regime

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Texas Governor Rick Perry founded the Texas Tea Party Rebellion in retaliation of the rule-of-law, which threatens the Texas GOP with Public Trust disclosers of criminal activity and covert abuse of innocent citizens.  Texas Leadership has blundered its way over the last 36 months, creating diversions and obstructing justice, which has disrupted global peace efforts, national economic recovery, and border relations.  

Christiane Amanpour asks Mexico's Ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan, “What do you make of Texas Governor Rick Perry's suggestion that U.S. forces should come across and help you out with this [Drug War]?” Sarukan responds, “It's a nonstarter and smacks of fundamental ignorance of our history of our two nations.”

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The question of demographics and the growing Hispanic mini-majority is the real threat to the GOP, which has little to do with border relations, or last weeks' failed investigative attacks by Rick Perry backed Drug Lord Joe Arpaio, attacks on the President with a final resolve – President Barack Obama is 100% USAD Certified Prime Butt, and will be on the ballot in every state in the Union!

Most importantly, we all understand the abuse of convert operations over that last ten years by the GOP is used to illegally hold seats of power, “Most significant were reports that he used his investigators to launch criminal investigations of his political enemies – including mayors, judges and journalists.”

See “Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Knucklehead of the week”


Today's documentary with Mexico's Ambassador, only adds fuel to the fire concerning covert operations used for political control in the State of Texas, which is the biggest concern of the people who live on both sides of the Tex Mex border, such as gun/ drug walking, non-lethal weapons, electronic harassment, and bias illegal Private Investigation firms used for Political Control, which violates the rule-of-law.

“The Great GOP Hope” is to conceal covert operations by the State of Texas, against the people from public domain for just five more months, which may save the Texas Republican Supermajority. If the ACLU finds a way to release this information, it will end the abuse of covert acts against innocent victims, and balance power in the state Texas.

The consequences of going beyond the philosophical debate of waterboarding by the Bush Administration in 2001, made certain types of non-lethal torture, legal in the State of Texas. Academics at the George Washington University created a distinction of two types of torture in America, legal and illegal.

Texas citizens became human subjects of ungodly human behavioral control devices, and have been abused for political purposes by the Texas Governor and his Secret Militia, sometimes in coordination with the Department of Defense by “Crying Wolf” to trigger an attack.

The Bush Administration in 2006, authorized the sharing of any information collected by any means with Law Enforcement and Civilian Private Security Firms, including intrusive equipment by Satellite or any surveillance devices not limited to electronic equipment.

These devices have been abused by Texas leadership,  which include but not limited to Internet censorship, behavioral political control networks, and harmful biological or electronic devices that are classified; however exist, and have been  used against targeted peaceful political adversaries, retaliation, illegal gathering of investigative information, threatening intimidation, black list, employment to buy votes, and human behavioral experiments that have caused harm and injury to unknown numbers of Texas Citizens.

Fortunately, some Texans have come forward putting themselves at risk of more abuse, to insure fellow citizens are aware of the hazards and by all means protect themselves; resolve unexplained harm by reporting damages to the Attorney General Of The United States of America.

Supporting documentation is available in public domain titled “Satellite Surveillance: Domestic Issues” which questions violations of Civil Liberties of illegal searches not only from Satellite Surveillance but from any surveillance  device or equipment and the sharing of the information between the Department of Defense , Law Enforcement, and Private Investigative Security firms.

Citation:  http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/int…

“In May 2007, the DNI designated DHS as the executive agent and functional manager of what was designated as a National Applications Office (NAO). There was, however, no public notice of the establishment of the new office at that time.”

“Inside the United States (as well as abroad), DOD support for law enforcement agencies is authorized in accordance with chapter 18 of title 10, U.S. Code. Section 371 specifically authorizes the Secretary of Defense to share information acquired during military operations, and encourages the armed forces to plan their activities with an eye to the production of incidental civilian benefits. Under sections 372 through 374, DOD, DOD personnel are permitted to provide training and expert advice to civilian law enforcement personnel, and may conduct maintenance on equipment it provides.”

“The Bush Administration delayed the establishment of the NAO and provided an opportunity for further congressional consideration of the issues involved but took steps to establish the NAO for some purposes [Human Experimentation and Behavioral Control in the state of Texas] even before important legal issues were resolved.

Having conducted a review of the issue, the Obama Administration terminated the NAO [June 2009], but has not provided detailed information about current procedures for the domestic use of satellites for domestic purposes.”

I my opinion and from personal experience based on tangible evidence, the Obama administration terminated NAO in June 2009 in order to protect all citizens of the United States and who are aboard from  such abuses which allowed many leaders of state legislative and executive offices  from using the threat of  terrorism,  trafficking, or threat of human lives as a harmful political control by the act of  “Crying Wolf” to justify such intrusive harmful behavior to retain political power by those of public trust.

In 2006, what was once reserved for the CIA and FBi is shared with Police at the Texas State street level. Information collected without due cause and total disregard for Civil Rights, made targets of anyone that opposes the Dictatorship of Texas Governor Rick Perry as enemies of State, under domestic surveillance; forcing people to confine them self-indoors, disconnect any electronic device that can be used to obtain information, that will keep Rick Perry in office and give him impunity to his criminal activities as if above the law. He set an example for other states to follow and participate in covert operations of the 'Texas Human Experimentation Program” on unknowing subjects of the United States of America which include women and children.

To his credit President Barack Obama announce a change in the Police State protection of the wealthy few, while criminalizing the other 99% of the public June 2011. One Week later Fox News was hacked by these right wing extremist with the announcement that our President had been shot and killed which was a completely false report on July 4, 2011.  After the announced change in Police State policies of the 911 Patriot Act.

What should be done about it, so it never happens again?

You Have A Right, No Matter What State in the Union You live In,  Make a Request to your Congressional Representative of any State in The Union [ you are currently residing in] To Investigate Texas Governor Rick Perry use of non-lethal weapons including electronic harassment, and by two thirds Vote in Congress in favor, they will be bound by law to remove him from office, which will disqualify him from holding an office of Public Trust ever again, he will not be illegible to receive retirement benefits, and if necessary his assets will be liquidated in order to pay back any money owed or monetary damages due. This investigation will also uncover other co-conspirators that have no respect for human lives other than their own.

You may use this standard format example:

The Honorable Congressional Representative of District No. 123 of Montana [or Any State in the Union]

“We The People” The Citizens of The United States of America, hereby stand in peaceful protest against Rick Perry Governor of Texas who has stripped the citizens of the State of Texas of their rights to pursue economic prosperity, participation in the judicial process, the right to due process while establishing overt and covert intelligence operations including the use of non-lethal devices, electronic harassment, and engaged in the insurrection of the Tea Party Rebellion with a global economic affect, outside the jurisdiction and powers of the State, and denied the citizens of the State equal protection of the law, creating a Police State of corruption that has endangered the lives of all the people in the Union. He has mismanaged State funds outside of budgetary restraints to a degree of course of bankruptcy and dependency on Federal Funds reserved for emergencies other than corruption of positions of Public Trust who have been appointed by the Governor not elected by the people, who met in secrecy with the intent to defraud the people and the Federal Government for the sole purpose and intent of personal financial gain and retention of power as the Governor of the State of Texas. We the People, the citizens of the United States of America, demand that a vote be put before congress representing all States of the Union and by two thirds vote in the house in favor, remove the Disability- Texas Governor Rick Perry for engaging in insurrection and rebellion against the constitution and the citizens of the United States of America.

Who is your congressional Representative and what is the address or email of that office? Find out at this link:


by G. N. O'Dell 05/29/2012


Background citation to an article I published in 2009 to support my claims:

In April 2009, Rick Perry succeeded from the Union founding an organized rebellion (paid for by the state) by posting the 'Stop' web page forcing all Texas employees to group together in a state wide protest [Shown For months on Network Media] and rebel against the Constitution of the United States as members of the “Tea Party” rebellion targeting not just the new presidential administration but the Honorable Barrack Obama personally. [The whole operation was planned and orchestrated by Rick Perry to be broadcast after President Barack Obama was sworn into office. The evidence is thousands of emails from state offices to office employees, giving instructions for a live protest greater than any distraction of the Occupy protests today] Rick Perry and wealthy corporate owners and investors, had just declared “War on the EPA” a statement just mentioned verbally in the state of Texas by a private citizens is enough to be harassed, arrested, and/or jailed by Law Enforcement for an unknown length of time waiting for Terrorist Threat charges to be collaborated by Texas District Attorneys.

It is unimaginable, the Governor of Texas would publicly “Declare War” against regulating authorities that would of prevented the Gulf disaster. The Gulf Disaster investigation shows hard evidence a repeat of special interest favors that caused the Texas BP refinery explosion in 2005 as Perry justifies his words by stating “Obama has declared War on Texas.” The 911 Patriot Act is clearly unconstitutional if the rule of law is not applied universally to those that Govern (Rick Perry) and those that are governed too. In addition, he declared succession from Union and “Declared War against Washington D.C.” and considered the use of the Texas Guard as a military offensive.

The state of Texas has no record of any virtuous acts other than those good deeds provided by private citizens and organizations in and out of the State of Texas. Over the last eight years, government agencies such as the EPA, Transportation Department, and Office of Civil Rights have tried every form of diplomacy to protect property and lives and seldom pursue violations by court of law against the state of Texas.

Most Texans believe, Perry's coalition is made of the few wealthy and corrupt State investors that have no regard for their fellow man or loss of human life. Countless examples of Perry's special interest policies such as the recent big pharmaceutical mortality spike of 88,000 deaths, Vaccine legislation support by special interest cash linked to [cancer], drug legislation doughnut hole that deprives elderly for necessary medicines, antiquated DEA laws that aid the illegal drug trade and finance terrorism, burning fuel farms and oil well heads where cash buys safety certificates, academic payoffs justifying cheaper unsafe manufacturing processes, a “No Child Left Behind Law” that has filled Texas prisons with those very children the law intended to protect .


“Congressional Report for Congress Rl31787, Information Operations, Electronic Warfare, and Cyberwar: Capabilities and Related Policy” Issues Updated March 20, 2007, Clay Wilson Specialist in Technology and National Security Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division.


“Mexico Confronts Bloody Present to Ensure Brighter Future”

By Christiane Amanpour, Matthew Drake, Iva Zoric, David Miller & Mark Monroy | Around the World – Wed, May 23, 2012.


“Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Knucklehead of the week” http://www.nj.com/njvoices/ind…

“The Texas “Little Red Book” Loopholes Rewarding Profitable Illegal”


“Texas Governor Rick Perry Domestic Bio Nonlethal Weapons Oppression of the People” http://beforeitsnews.com/story…


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