Conservative Super PACs flood Texas Airwaves with nearly $7 Million in Senate Race

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If you turn on your TV or flip on your radio before tomorrow's election, it will be hard to miss the political advertisements paid for by the Super PACs pouring money into Texas' US Senate Race.

According to FEC data, four Super PACs on the GOP side– Club for Growth Action, Texas Conservatives Fund, Senate Conservatives Fund, and Conservative Renewal Political Action Committee– have spent 96% of the $6,921,984.77 in independent political expenditures for the Lone Star State's US Senate Race far. Most of that money has gone to TV ad buys.

There has been no Super PAC spending for or against Democratic US Senate Candidates, and a review of FEC data confirms that Cruz continues to lead the nation in support from independent expenditure committees. Super PACs have spent $3,784,550.77 either in support of Cruz, or against one of his primary opponents. David Dewhurst is behind in support from Super PACs, with $3,017,434 spent either in support of his campaign or against one of his opponents.

Club for Growth Action, the libertarian-leaning Super PAC supporting tea-party backed Senate Contender Ted Cruz, is the top spender among Super PACs participating in the US Senate Race in Texas. According to FEC data, Club for Growth Action has spent $2,481,715.82 in the US Senate Race opposing Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst through television ad buys and online advertisements. Club for Growth Action has also spent $7,235.76 in support of Ted Cruz.

Senate Conservatives Fund, a Super PAC that only backs “strong conservative” anti-choice Senate candidates who support repeal of Obamacare and a constitutional amendment to limit federal spending, has spent $1,094,994.54 supporting Cruz through radio and television buys and online advertisements.

The similar-sounding Texas Conservatives Fund, a Super PAC with the sole goal of helping Dewhurst get elected to the US Senate in 2012, reports that it has used 100% of its $2,263,934 in independent expenditures opposing Cruz with media buys.

Conservative Renewal Political Action Committee (PAC), another Texas-based Super PAC with the sole mission of electing Dewhurst, reports spending $753,500 on the Senate Race. About 48% of their television and print ads went towards supporting Dewhurst, and 52% went towards advertisements opposing both Tom Leppert and Ted Cruz.

Three other Super PACs — the Club for Growth-affiliated Club for Growth PAC, FreedomWorks for America, and Our Country Deserves Better PAC –– spent $200,064.65 to support Ted Cruz with mailers, robo-calls, radio advertisements, online ads, and bumper stickers and yard signs.

Real Street Conservatives PAC spent $120,000 in radio advertisements supporting Craig James. James, like Ted Cruz, has ties to the extreme right-wing “research” organization, Texas Public Policy Foundation. James was a member of the board, and Cruz was a senior fellow.

Of course, what really matters is what happens on Tuesday. Although Cruz is ahead in Super PAC support,Dewhurst is leading in recent polls. If Cruz somehow pulls Dewhurst into a runoff, the former Solicitor General may have the support of Super PACs to thank.

Below the jump is an advertisement paid for by Club for Growth Action.


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  1. Guess I listen to the wrong stations
    I've mostly seen and heard Leppert ads, with their smarmy attacks on Obama (and Dewhurst and Cruz) that send my blood pressure way up.  

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