EXPOSED: Governor Rick Perry's Porno Profits; the Devil's in the Details.

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Conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Hypocritically Invested in Nation’s Largest Pornography Distributor.

Austin, TX—Via his campaign’s website, Governor Perry criticizes his opponent—Carole Strayhorn—claiming she, “is sadly not above exploiting child tragedies … What a despicable thing to do.” FN1.  Despicable indeed.  Yet, as a private citizen, Perry has profited from his investments in Movie Gallery, Inc—America’s largest pornography distributor—a company that profits from exploitation and violence against women. FN2.

When running for Lieutenant Governor, Rick Perry combined his publicly traded stocks into a blind trust—Perry Blind Trust, Inc. FN3.  Thus, Perry’s subsequent Personal Financial Statements reveal little about his stock holdings.  FN4.  However, Perry’s 1995 Personal Financial Statement—the final revealing record of Perry’s assets—shows that he invested in thirty-two stocks, including Movie Gallery, Inc.  FN5.  While the precise amount of the investment is not revealed, Perry listed the stock in category “B”—meaning that the stock was worth between five and ten thousand dollars.  FN6. Most of Perry’s stock fell into the class “B” category.  FN7

Based in Dothan, Alabama, Movie Gallery boasts being the second largest North American home-entertainment specialty retailer after Blockbuster; Movie Gallery has more than 4700 stores located in all fifty states, Mexico, and Canada.  FN8.  Movie Gallery is also both the largest distributor of pornography in America and the only major retail chain to sell pornography in its flagship stores.  FN9.

As reported in Forbes, Movie Gallery possesses a winning business model, which has allowed it to acquire the much-larger franchise Hollywood Video.  FN10.  Forbes reports that pornography increases Movie Gallery’s profits enough to lowball the prices on regular, non-pornographic rentals.  FN11.  Pornography is a unique product that many stores are reluctant to sell.  Movie Gallery’s practices have forced small, locally owned rental chains out of business.  FN12.

Zealously boycotted by the conservative, two-million-strong American Family Association (AFA), Movie Gallery faces two lawsuits because of its allegedly illegal business practices.  FN13.  Smaller competing video stores claim that Movie Gallery illegally distributes porn across state lines.  FN14.  Movie Gallery’s Interim Chief Financial Officer, Thomas D. Johnson, Jr., described these lawsuits as “frivolous.”  FN15.

Coincidentally, Rick Perry used similar language when signing the tort-reform bill that limited the liability—thereby increasing profits—of companies like Movie Gallery.  FN16.  Perry said the bill would “remov[e]the incentive for trial lawyers to file frivolous lawsuits.”  FN17.  Continuing Perry said, “we will save thousands of jobs, generate millions in new revenue to the state;” only some of those jobs come at the price of young girl’s physical and psychological health.  FN18.

The AFA has undertaken a nationwide campaign—advertising in USA Today and Washington Post—urging government officials to investigate Movie Gallery.  FN19.  Many local authorities—like the U.S. Attorney in the Northern District of Texas—are allegedly dragging their feet.  FN20.  With Gov. Perry owning stock in Movie Gallery, his financial interests contravene the success of any such investigation.

Titles that Gov. Perry helps bring to Texas’ shelves include Teens with Tits Vol. 1, Teen Power Vol. 4, and Teens Never Say No.  FN21.  Such titles serve as political ammunition to his opponents—independents Kinky Friedman and Carol Keeton Strayhorn.  Ironically, the Jewish Friedman continually caters to religious conservatives by advocating prayer in school,  and Strayhorn has recently criticized the Governor over sexual abuse in Texas’ foster-care program.  FN22.  Rick Perry claims to be “proud of his extensive record as a pro-life, pro-family conservative,” and revelations about his pornography investments jeopardize crucial votes for this fall’s election.  FN23.  Rick Perry has a sizable lead over his opponents—polling at 38% to Friedman’s 20, Strayhorn’s 19, and Democrat Christopher Bell’s 14 in the most recent poll.  FN24.

While many disagree over society’s correct policy towards pornography, Perry’s political posturing caters to pornography’s opponents.  Duplicitously, Rick Perry’s supposed politics contravene the interests of his own pocketbook.  There is the Governor who endorses a plan to monitor sex offenders with satellites; then there is businessman who enjoys profits by funding such titles as Bisexual Barebacking Vol. 1 and Big Tit Brotha Lovers 6.  FN25.  There is the proud husband and father who announced an award of $7.4 Million to the S.T.O.P. Violence Against Women Act programs; then there is the man who invested in North America’s largest pornography distributor.  FN26.  In the coming weeks, there will doubtlessly be the ignorant, apologetic Governor, but under that thin veneer of good hair is the cunning financier who still hides his assets in a blind trust fund.


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  1. Waiting…
    Waiting for the response by Kathy Walt although most likely she and the good governor will just ignore it.

    If Movie Gallery is on the New York Stock Exchange, there are probably quite a few who own it and really don't know anything about it other than its return ratio. Or care. Just as long as there is a good return.

    Similar objections were made about investments of university endowment funds in tobacco stocks. Few if any sold their holdings in those stocks. Too good a return.

    Ethics always goes out the window when it comes to money. Particularly in politics.

    It would be fun is Miss Meshugana decided to make an issue of it. 


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