Join the School Finance Lawsuit Battles!

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Do you read updates about the school finance lawsuits and wish you can be there with them? Do you wonder why only school districts, and not you, get to enjoy the fun of fighting your own poorly run state on such an important issue?

Well, you're not alone. There are multiple ways to join in.

The first is an outreach effort by the Texas Taxpayer & Student Fairness Coalition, one of the larger groups suing the state. Join their fight here. From their press release:

The Texas Taxpayer & Student Fairness Coalition, a group representing nearly 400 school districts, has launched a statewide outreach effort to engage the public in the Coalition's fight for fairness.

By registering on the Equity Center's website ( under the Join the Fight! icon, any interested individual may learn more about the Coalition and support its mission. In addition to registering online, individuals can also find a list of ways to spread the word about the Coalition and the impact it can have on millions of Texans.

“We encourage every Texan to support this effort to bring fairness to taxpayers and students. This lawsuit won't just be won in the courtroom; it will be won in every community across Texas, as individuals and groups join together to stand up for Texas taxpayers and children,” said Doug Killian, Superintendent of Hutto ISD and the Coalition's Vice-President of Communications.

Meanwhile, Democratic US Senate candidate Paul Sadler (profiled earlier today on BOR) is circulating a petition for a special session. True – this isn't directly related to any of the school finance lawsuits, but a Special Session could theoretically remedy the problems brought by the hundreds of school districts bringing Texas to court. Sadler had some particularly hard-hitting words for the Democrats' potential general election opponent, David Dewhurst:

I have a simple message for David Dewhurst: get to work, or resign.

That's right — Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst should support bipartisan calls for a Special Session of the Texas Legislature to address the state's school funding crisis, or resign his office immediately. Massive cuts to education this year, followed by systematic cuts planned for next year, will create a “Double Robin Hood” scenario for many public schools –  I call this the Dewhurst Disaster.  

So…what are you waiting for? Don't just read this – sign up for better schools!


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  1. SCUC ISD just joined the fight
    At the SCUC ISD Board meeting tonight the trustees voted unanimously to join the lawsuit. Yea for the board of trustees. VP Ed Finley, a TEA Party supporter, said they needed to send a message to the legislature and so they shall.

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