Travis Precinct 2 Constable Candidate a Far Right Extremist on Handguns

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Over the last two legislative sessions, I organized students against bills which would have forced colleges and universities to allow guns in classrooms. I did so because I lost people close to me in the Virginia Tech shooting, and grew tired of lawmakers exploiting our tragedy to promote a political agenda having nothing to do with campus safety.

We won that fight, in no small part because of people like Chief Acevedo and Constable Bruce Elfant, as well as all the other members of law enforcement who oppose arming college students.

So it was with great concern that I learned Michael Cargill is running for Travis County Constable, Precinct 2.

There are a number of good things I can say about Mike. He is hard-working, warm, and intelligent. He holds to his convictions.

But Mike Cargill was also one of the chief voices lobbying for passage of the “guns in classrooms” bills.

These bills were about opening a new market for firearms sales and concealed handgun licensing classes – and Mr. Cargill was one of those who stood to gain a great deal from that market. You see, Mr. Cargill earns his living at least in part by running CHL Class Austin, which – among other things – markets CHL classes to college students [2] [3].

The Twitter feed for Mr. Cargill's business – which may also be his personal feed – offers some additional hints about his beliefs. It seems that Mike Cargill not only supports guns in classrooms, but also guns in bars.

And on July 26th, Cargill wrote, “Rep. Ron Paul of Texas introduced all three bills in the US Congress….We salute you Sir [sic],” referring to legislation which would (1) force the FAA to allow commercial airline pilots to carry guns, (2) repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, and (3) repeal the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (which instituted federal background checks).

Cargill believes in a Wild West version of Texas that no longer exists. Guns should be readily available to everyone, without background checks, for them to carry anywhere they want. One has to ask: if Michel Cargill believes these things, what would his role be as a member of law enforcement?

I worry that Cargill, if elected, will use his office to promote his own business. I also worry that his motivation for running for this position is to give himself a megaphone through which to broadcast his beliefs about guns.

I ask the Democratic voters of Precinct 2 to take a good hard look at the candidates before primaries come around. Ask hard questions. Make sure that the person you elect is a person who represents your beliefs – and the beliefs of Texans.


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  1. CHL
    I am with Mike 110%. There is a valid point here. As a CHL holder I do go to collage and bring my hand gun. I will give you something to think about… What if someone came in your class room and started shooting and you as a CHL holder did not have your hand gun.. This has happened at university's all around the world. Think about it.  

    • Are you saying
      you bring a gun into a college classroom or administrative building? Are you a student in Texas?

      Because if so, you just admitted to breaking the law. Here in Texas we have a law against bringing guns into campus buildings.

      • oh really
        And are you proud of that law?  Who does it keep safe?  The people who follow the law, or the people who don't?

    • As a college professor, several things scare me
      Having a crazy person invade my classroom isn't one of them, but having an armed person go crazy is.

      I've had some very tense meetings with distraught students, when I had to tell them that, no, I couldn't pass them or let them retake an exam or give them the grade that would allow them to graduate or keep their financial aid. Usually students take the bad news courageously, but sometimes the disappointment turns into serious anger.

      I've felt fear at such times. I can handle a little fear. However, if I had to worry about such a student being armed, I couldn't possibly do my job.

      Allowing guns in high-stress situations, where there is a strong temptation to do something you'll surely regret later, is insane. Guns and alcohol don't mix. Guns and final exams don't mix. Guns don't belong in classrooms, period.  

      • spoken like a true professor
        Professor… you don't seem to be familiar with the minds of violent criminals.  If someone wants to shoot you, he's going to shoot you.  Even if he has to go home first, and get his gun, and bring it back onto campus (breaking the sacred no-guns-on-campus rule.)

        The real problem is that you're afraid of guns.  I have yet to meet a gun owner that supports the kind of nanny-state gun legislation that Cargill opposes.  That's because gun owners understand guns, and they don't flinch whenever they pull the trigger and hear loud noise, and they know that more kids drown in 5-gallon buckets than get hurt by guns in this country — unless, that is, you include 17-year old drug dealers in D.C. in your “children” count.

        My advice: get a gun, and shoot it.  And familiarize yourself with the real facts about gun violence, not the salvation tracts from the Brady campaign. You'll feel much better about guns, and about yourself, after you do this.

  2. Cargill is waiting for revolution
    I have seen Mike Cargill attend many Young Conservative meetings. He is a posterchild for UT young republicans that want to carry guns on campus. This guy is no democrat. I found an article where he supported republican backed bills. Google Mike Cargill other than his rediculous attempt to run for constable he is not a good choice. Mike stated he is a democrat, so why did he not support the democrats where was he during redistricting. Oh I remeber fighting for republican, he has to make money for his business.


    Please people do not vote for this gun crazy republican.

  3. VA Tech
    “…I lost people close to me in the Virginia Tech shooting…”

    I'm sorry to hear that, but it seems to have affected your ability to reason.  If you can tell me how a no-gun policy in classrooms would have stopped the Virginia Tech shooter, then I'm with you.  Otherwise… how do you connect these dots?  If you're willing to kill people, don't you think you'd be willing to break a no-guns-on-campus law?  Or do you propose to strip-search everyone, TSA-style, every time they walk on campus??

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