Is Obama Waging War on Texas? Dewhurst Give Credit Where It Is Due I Did It!

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The Economy Restored Several Times Destroyed by Tea Party Right Wing Mob Opinion

David Dewhurst enters the US Texas Senate campaign last month with “Tell Obama To Stop Waging War Against Texas.” How can these Texas politicians be so misinformed? I say, David Dewhurst, stop giving Obama credit for my hard work!

Suffering the web for hours to find a Tea Party Sympathizer, I found an interesting article that tells the tale of  Tea Party big lie, “The second response is purely political-and Orwellian.  It is to repeat ad nauseum the Big Lie that this is the Tea Party downgrade, attributable lock, stock, and barrel to the failure of the Tea Party caucus in Congress to even countenance taxes as a part of any debt ceiling deal.”

The author claims the credit rating was based on bad math calculations by the Obama Administration; however, memories are short and I wrote a valid justified complaint to the Office of the Inspector General April 2009 with concerns that the Tea Party is a Right Wing Extremist Group with one objective, to remove the first black president of the United States of America. In fact, I was specific with my concerns again last summer when our infrastructure fell apart with the BP Oil Spill, the main attraction based on discriminatory acts of hatred and narcissism in a post as follows:

In April 2009, Rick Perry succeeded from the Union founding an organized  rebellion (paid for by the state)  by posting the 'Stop' web page instructing all Texas employees to group together [Those that did not co-operate faced termination from their job] and rebel against the Constitution of the United States as members of  the  “Tea Party” rebellion, targeting not just the new presidential administration but the Honorable Barack Obama personally.

Rick Perry and his cronies, wealthy corporate owners and investors have just declared “War on the EPA” a statement just mentioned verbally in the state of Texas by a private citizens is enough to be harassed, arrested, and/or jailed by Law Enforcement for an unknown length of time waiting for Terrorist Threat charges to be collaborated by Texas District Attorneys.

Texas Steals Oil Rights 001: http://iamnotanonymousihaveana…

Texas Steals Oil Rights 002: http://www.burntorangereport.c…

It is unimaginable the Governor of Texas would publicly “Declare  War” against regulating authorities that would of prevented the  Gulf disaster. Employee Whistle Blower Postings At These Operations Have The Maranda Act Printed On The Top Of The Federal Document. This is why oil clean-up workers would not talk to the press and the root cause to all the oil fires because the employees cannot say anything about safety “You Have The Right To Remain Silent, Anything You Say Can And Will Be Use Against You In A Court Of Law.”

See Nobody Likes a Snitch Everybody Honors a Whistle Blower at this link:


The Gulf  Disaster investigation shows hard evidence, a repeat of special interest favors that also caused the Texas BP refinery explosion in 2005 as Perry justifies his words by stating “Obama has declared War on Texas.”  The 911 Patriot Act is clearly unconstitutional if the rule of law is not applied universally to those that Govern (Rick Perry) and those that are governed too.

The state of Texas has no record of any virtuous acts other than those good deeds provided by private citizens and organizations in and out of the State of Texas. Over the last eight years, government agencies such as the EPA, Transportation Department, and Office of Civil Rights have tried every form of diplomacy  to protect property and lives and seldom pursue violations by court of law against the state of Texas.

Some good local examples are Kelly AFB which is an active EPA Toxic Super Fund,  our farm burn 3 times in a five year period due to faulty oil well heads (fire from the lack of routine safety maintenance and inspections example BP), and the mass exodus of disabled students from the university of Texas because of hostile policies that segregate the disabled population from all other campus community members.

My Demands Non-negotiable at this Link:


Most Texans believe that Perry's coalition is made of the few wealthy and corrupt State investors that have no regard for their fellow man or loss of human life. Countless examples of Perry's special interest policies such as the recent big pharmaceutical mortality spike of 88,000 deaths [Merck Vioxx], Vaccine legislation support by special interest cash linked to autism, drug legislation doughnut hole that deprives elderly for necessary medicines, antiquated DEA laws that aid the illegal drug trade, and finance terrorism.

In addition, burning fuel farms and oil well heads where cash buys safety certificates, academic payoffs justifying cheaper unsafe manufacturing processes, a “No Child Left Behind Law” that has filled Texas prisons with those very children the law intended to protect ad infinitum. Texas Governor Rick Perry defended his action by sarcastically apologizing for his anti-ethical behavior, to him justified his actions.

Ethics:  Ethics (also known as moral philosophy) is a branch of philosophy  that addresses questions about morality-that is, concepts such as good and bad, noble and ignoble, right and wrong, justice, and virtue.

Anti-ethics: categories of good and evil do not apply

But why should Right Wing Extremist have a concern that does not concern themselves? The united States Constitution does not imply or express that fellow citizens should have a concern of the welfare of others as Rick Perry recently justified his “Anti-ethical practices” which is a true indicator that he and his coalition do not understand the term or value of 'ethics' or the destruction caused by unethical practices guarded against by the United States Constitution:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves  and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”

• in Order to form a more perfect Union:  “to improve the general well-being of the country (McGire)”

• establish Justice: “Justice is the concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity, along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics (wiki).”

• insure domestic Tranquility: “One of the main goals of the Convention, then, was to ensure the federal government had powers to squash rebellion and to smooth tensions between states (US Constitution).”

• provide for the common defense: “The primary responsibility of the government of the United States of America; to ensure the nation is protected from threats both inside and outside the country, such as terrorism, war, subterfuge, etc. (Answers)”

• promote the general Welfare: All peoples of the United States rich, poor, health, sick, young, or old

Yes, empirical facts point to the struggle to get America back on its feet was defeated by Mob Tea Party Right Wing Extremist that is “political-and Orwellian” that abused the 911 patriot Act at the state level with Rick Perry's Executive Order Declaring himself God, creating a police state that created a strong market in the first quarter by inside trading of Domestic Surveillance, Security Private Firms, and Manufactures of such devices; the symptoms that were not felt until the “Orwellian Lie” news break that the 911 Patriot Act had been breach with security devices that now are used by the news media to get the inside scope to victims of the disaster that the 911 Patriot act was supposed to “Keep Us Safer.”

Read Full Article:…

Texans have been screaming at the top of their lungs disputing the notion that the wealthy few create jobs, and can be clearly demonstrated to be false by the failed Rick Perry Tax Plan with a warning from the Texas Comptroller's Office detailing in 2006 a projected FYI budget in 2010 a 23,000,000,000 deficit, which is perfect math.


As predicted by the Obama administration and It is a fact, the quick fix is to Repeal the Bush Tax Relief Plan to the wealthy few who built their wealth on the backs on ordinary middle class citizens.

Compounding the problem of the debt is that we are at war declared by George Bush on Iraq as Osama bin Laden, a CIA operative, followed detailed plans that were given him, so our intelligence could devise a plan to counter such attacks.

Unfortunately, Osama was successful with the attack on New York by duping our intelligence agency. He should of been arrested for his first terrorist bombing during the Clinton Administration which would of made the attack on New York impossible and avoided the deaths of 4,000 American citizens.

My family is a victim of one his first high tech bombings in Riyadh Saudi Arabia November 13, 1993, and still wonder with the prudence and tip toeing done around the Osama bin Laden clan while it was a known fact, he attacked the United States and continued to do so before the twin towers were destroyed killing near 4000 people. [Conspiracy or stupidity? Your choice]

Citation: http://iamnotanonymousihaveana…

The attack on New York mortally spike is small in comparison to the millions of deaths by deregulation of Big Pharmaceutical, conflicts of Interest with political leaders, and manufacturing of products that still kill thousands daily such as asbestos.

Let's us not forget the mass shooting on U.S. Campuses that were in fact Orwellian Big Brother protection of the wealthy few, that could of been avoided if George Bush did not obstruct justice and cull professionals from the justice department.

It does not amaze me that Texas seemed to dance with impunity as if they had a copy of the hit list of professional District Attorneys that seemed to contradict Republican ideologies or wrote the list themselves blessed by Senator Cornyn.

Citation: http://iamnotanonymousihaveana…

The best indicator of economic health is the quality of care a State or Country provides for those that cannot care for themselves, and the evidence was there long before the election of Barack Obama, as seen as the abuses in Texas Protective Institutions of beatings, rape, and murder.

Graduates of these same institutions were shipped over state lines to slave farms as so called employers pocketed their social security checks while they lived in scalar. Not long after the investigation, Governor Rick Perry transfers a multimillion dollar budget from disabled care to Digital Ally for an x-ray machine that can penetrate metal to catch the human trafficking of slaves which are illegal Hispanics crossing the borders, while U.S. citizens were deported from the state of Texas over state lines in open public to slave farms in Missouri.

Amazingly, all this could be turned around in a matter of months if the Tea Party, or let's be fair, the Right Wing co-operated and supported the executive branch in a time of crisis. The Obama Administration saved the U.S. from destruction on several repeated occasions, only to be defamed by Right Wing Mob hatred!

I understand that you do not understand the value of ethics, but how about a little patriotism instead of conspiring with Right Wing Extremist such as the John Birch Society or banning together in the name of God as political day of prayer which is the “political-and Orwellian Big Lie” to 30,000 innocent people that was preplanned, premeditated, and orchestrated by the Republican party by instructing Perry to do so!

Consider a little empathy even if you have to fake compassion, now that doomsday is not just knocking on the foreclosed houses of the middle class, but making the wealthy few jump ship to off shore accounts, while the sting of consequences of Tea Party Hatred is now in your own living rooms as the result of your Mob Forced Intrusion on Congressional Legislators!

Now David Dewhurst Is Crying “Tell Obama To Stop Waging War On Texas.” Don't blame Obama, give me and other Texans full credit for taking the time to report the legislatures illegal activity to the Justice Department including the EPA! That's right, I did it Dewhurst, so sue me!

If Right Wing Extremism is not addressed by the Justice Department now, history will repeat as it did on November 13, 1963 by the detonation of a dirty bomb that even shook the foundation of resident Texas Republican conspirators living in San Antonio – you know who you are.

Texas Right Wing Extremist Plan To Assassinate The President 1963 Set Off Nuclear Dirty Bomb:…

John Birch Society Hate Group Started A Texas Nazi Cult America's Youth just Like Rick Perry:…

Who defended the biggest funds on the defense to protect themselves that cost more to watch us than to care for us – as you have stated in your article, “Would Rather Starve Than Feed” as follows:

It Doesn't Take a Rating Agency to Tell Which Way the Debt Grows By Craig Pirrong Aug 8, 2011, 4:02 AM Author's Website


“The second response is purely political-and Orwellian.  It is to repeat ad nauseum the Big Lie that this is the Tea Party downgrade, attributable lock, stock, and barrel to the failure of the Tea Party caucus in Congress to even countenance taxes as a part of any debt ceiling deal.”

“The Tea Party doesn't consider raising taxes to be a constructive part of any effort to address the problem because its members believe that spending is the problem, not the way the spending is financed.  They believe that the government is too big, it spends too much, it spends badly, and that raising taxes just extends, but only for a little while, the life of Destructive Leviathan-whom they would rather starve than feed.”

Oddly, there is still time for the Right Wing Mob that defeated every progressive step to restore America, to join the rest of us and support the actions of the Obama administration, even if you do not favor him, because it is no longer an ethical concern beyond your understanding. The doomsday riders are now at your front doors as a hazard to yourselves and family, no longer just a patriotic concern for the future of a collapsing United States economy!

by Texas Threatened My Family And Now Texas Pays The Price. You have yet to pay the price and I still have a full deck of cards to play and nothing to lose! Pay Up of Shut Up David Dewhurst! And stop giving Obama credit for my hard work!

Want to resolve the issue? Read this article:


Your Welcome Communications Is Key! Gregory O'Dell:…


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