Why I Am Running for the Dallas Court of Appeals (Not the Senate)

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First of all, despite the TDP computer glitch that temporarily listed me as a United States Senate Candidate, the reality is that I am a candidate for Justice of the Dallas/Fifth District Court of Appeals.  Which is something until a few weeks ago, I would never have considered would be happening at this time.

Like most of you who love politics and our wonderful American system of self-governance, you care deeply about our state and our nation.  After running for Congress in 2008, I licked my wounds, swore I would never do it again (at least not against a tough gerrymander) and set out to make enough money to be able to make a difference sometime in the future without having to beg for money to do so.

So three years, two months-long jury trials, and 30 million dollars of verdicts after running for Congress, I was minding my own business, enjoying being a family man, writing posts on this website, and preparing for my next major trial.  My political itch was allegedly being pacified by taking care of my desires to improve our politics through providing economic and policy analysis for Burnt Orange Report.

Then, a mere 3 weeks ago, while listening to Martin Frost give a speech on the future of the Democratic Party in Texas, the chair of the Collin County Democratic Party leaned over and asked me to consider a run for the Court of Appeals.  In 2008, he said, of a million votes, we were within a 24,000 vote swing of winning, yet there were going to be places on the ballot without filed, qualified candidates.

I have always said that the place for one's life is the intersection between humanity's needs and your own desires.  But, I had never really wanted this job, and certainly not in this timing.  I mean, I have 2 major out-of-state trials scheduled to cover four months between now and November, and I can not even campaign. Even so, despite my better judgment, and despite the trepidation of both my wife and my law partner (that is both of my worldly bosses), I decided to and was allowed to place my name on the ballot for this court.

The reason I am running is simple – Justice is too important to not have qualified, unbiased, fair judges. Even though it would mean a huge pay cut, as a 17-year attorney, who has represented both business and individuals, in jury trials and appeals, I believe we need better judges in this state, and I believe I cannot complain if I do not do something about it.

The funny thing about democracy is that you have to put up or shut up.  Having done so in the past, I can assert that running for office is no walk in the park.  Even so, it is a necessary responsibility for those who wish to preserve democracy.  We still need four qualified and experienced judicial candidates for the Dallas Court of Appeals.  We still need candidates for the Texas Supreme Court, with three open seats and not a single candidate, and for the Court of Criminal Appeals, with 2 of 3 seats without a candidate.

Until we as a party have the ability to present qualified and viable options to govern this state effectively, from the courthouse to the statehouse, to the White House, and all options in between, we cannot complain when one party rules the state in a manner we find less than just.  So, despite the TDP's computer glitch, I am not running for Senate (and doubt I could be talked into it either – not that anybody would seek to do so).  I am running for Justice of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals – Place 11.  My temporary website is at www.ericroberson.webs.com

Due to the rules for judicial candidates, I will not be able to write on this website as freely as before.  However, I am allowed to ask if any of you out there who are likewise qualified to be a fair and unbiased judge care to join me in running for this bench or for other judgeships?  Democracy and Justice are worth it.


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