On Perry's Trail: Dec. 8 – 9

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IOWA: Don't Know Much About Anything

In a meeting with the Des Moines Register editorial board yesterday, Perry made two more embarrassing mistakes. Not surprising-for-Perry mistakes, mind you, just embarrassing.

First, Perry was asked about his opposition to the ban on prayer in public schools. When talking about the modern Supreme Court, Perry flubbed Justice Sonia Sotomayor's name while accusing her and Justice Elena Kagan of ruining the country through judicial activism. He mispronounced her name “Montemayor,” and was then corrected by an editorial board member.

Forget Perry's clear lack of knowledge about the specific members of Supreme Court for a second. He at least knows how many justices there are, even if names are hard on his brain, right?

Wrong, of course.

Later in the interview, Perry referred to the Supreme Court as “eight unelected judges.” There are nine Supreme Court justices. His campaign later claimed he was referring to the majority in a 1962 case on student prayer, but that's a stretch: Perry was talking generally about the Supreme Court when he referred to eight judges.

Watch both flubs here. You'll see a listless, tired, and distracted Perry. You will make an obvious comparison of his demeanor with the spirit of his campaign.

NATIONAL: A Deserving Piñata

Perry's “Strong” ad, in which he insults gay servicemembers and claims our president has declared war on religion, has gotten perhaps the strongest backlash of any candidate in the entire election season. The ad has gone viral on the Internet.

The ad now has more YouTube dislikes than the loathed “Friday” music video by Rebecca Black, which gained internet notoriety early this year.

It's really a very poignant moment – the entire college-age generation is laughing at and criticizing Perry's views. And they're not alone.

Jokes about Rick Perry's idiocy/bigotry have become a meme. Rick Perry is on his way to being a bigger joke than Rick Santorum. Maybe he already is.

Rick Perry's Awfulness Becomes a Meme

  • Here's Voldemort-as-Perry complaining that “there's something wrong in the Wizarding World when Mudbloods can live among the worthy as equals, but our own children cannot openly practise the Dark Arts.”
  • Here's a biting atheist parody that ends like this: “Rick Perry may believe in God, but I've seen his polls, and God does not believe in Rick Perry.”
  • “Unpopular Opinions Rick Perry,” a new Tumblr blog, runs massively unpopular opinions over a clip of the ad.



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