Plea Remove Texas Governor Rick Perry from Office Insanity Mental Incompetency

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“We The People” United States citizens who reside in the state of Texas, make a plea to the Honorable Barack Obama President to declare a State of Emergency and remove Texas Governor Rick Perry from office based on Insanity and/or Mental Incompetency.

Sign We The People Petition:

The Governor is so far removed by distance, suffers from an Elite Class Delusional Cyber- Universe, and grandiose dreams of becoming the next President of the United States of America; he has attacked his own people with federal funding and Military Aircraft while ignoring a State of emergency concerning brutal killings and torture in the bordering Districts of Texas.

The Texas Governor is internationally known as the “Backbone of Anti-American Human Rights Resentment” created by his dangerous rhetoric and total disregard of executive orders of both President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, and the International Community.

President Bush Instructed the Governor of Texas State Courts to give 51 Mexican Nationals facing the Death Penalty new hearings that never happened! Governor Rick Perry formed the backbone of Anti-American Resentment within months of becoming Governor of Texas replacing George Bush after his election to the President of The United States in the year 2000.

Blame is now unduly placed on Internet postings by brave concerned citizens of Mexico and Texas residents of bordering districts of the Republic of Mexico, begging for aid and assistance by blog postings which have become the only means of contemporary communications to report the brutal atrocities of innocent people of both nations. The FBI office is swamped with telephone calls and the Internet has become the only way to protect ourselves. Now is a good time to test FEMA! Is the 911 Act “Keeping Us Safer?”

He has forced legislation to defend his own right “to keep and bear arms” with bizarre rodeo media ads, that have in fact forced the people of Texas to disarm themselves for fear of a Perry Police State unwarranted wiretapping [Hacking] that have been known to trigger a search and sizer of weapons legally registered by Texas residents to protect their families, themselves, and property [Reported to Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th].

We request the State of Texas to arm its own citizens at the states expense and provide training for self-defense just as the President of Mexico has instructed his defense department. Time line of Governor Rick Perry Destructive Behavior [which is not all inclusive or does this list include the illegal use of Private Security Firms “Hackers” in years prior to April 2009]

Mexicans on Death Row to Get Hearings: Bush Tells Texas Courts to Review Cases of 51 Denied Consular Aid By Charles Lane Washington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, March 8, 2005 “The Bush administration has announced that it will attempt to defuse a long- simmering international dispute over the death penalty by instructing Texas state courts to give 51 Mexicans facing the death penalty new hearings on their claims that they were denied meetings with diplomats from their nation, in violation of international law.” Citation

Texas 2002 Governor Richard James Perry

Death Penalty Information Center Foreign Nationals News and Developments – Previous Years (by Mark Warren of Human Rights Watch) Mexico Mobilizes to Oppose Texas Execution (July, 2002) “The ministry's chief legal adviser, Juan Manuel Gomez, said that all ordinary legal means to halt the execution of Suarez, now 33, were exhausted at the end of June. That leaves the possibility of persuading Texas Gov. Rick Perry to grant clemency, something Gomez admitted was unlikely. But he said Mexico would try to find ways to reopen the case under the argument that Texas authorities violated international law by failing to inform Suarez of his right to get help from the Mexican consulate when he was detained. Suarez is set to die Aug. 14. This argument, the official said, was the basis of a recent ruling in Oklahoma in favor of Gerardo Valdez, another Mexican sentenced to death. It would also form the backbone of a petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.” Citation

Texas 2004 Governor Richard James Perry

US told to review 51 death row cases Associated Press April 01, 2004 “The State Department has not responded to the ruling, and officials in Oklahoma and Texas, where three of the Mexican inmates are on death row, said no immediate action was being taken in those cases.” “It was the second time that the highest United Nations court has ruled that the United States violated the 1963 Vienna Convention, which protects foreigners accused of serious crimes. In 2001, Arizona ignored a court order to stay the execution of a German citizen.” “Although the court dealt specifically with the cases of 52 Mexicans, it cautioned the principle should apply to all foreigners imprisoned for serious crimes. There are 121 foreign citizens on death row in the United States, 55 of whom are Mexican, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.”

Texas 2005 Governor Richard James Perry

Mexicans on Death Row to Get Hearings: Bush Tells Texas Courts to Review Cases of 51 Denied Consular Aid By Charles Lane Washington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Texas 2009 Governor Richard James Perry

International Death Penalty Debate February 11, 2009 7:43 PM By Bootie Cosgrove-Mather “About 6,000 Americans are arrested or detained each year in other countries and need consular help to navigate and understand an unfamiliar, and perhaps hostile, legal system,” justices were told by a coalition of former diplomatic leaders and nonpartisan groups. They said Americans would suffer if the United States does not set a good example.” Citation:

Texas 2011 Governor Richard James Perry

The U.N.'s top human rights official says the U.S. breached international law when it executed a Mexican citizen. GENEVA (AP)July 8, 2011 Associated Press “U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said Friday the Texas execution of Humberto Leal “raises particular legal concerns,” including whether he had access to consular services and a fair trial.” “Pillay also cited a 2004 International Court of Justice ruling saying the U.S. must review and reconsider the cases of 51 Mexican nationals sentenced to death, including Leal's — But, she said, that never happened.” Citation:


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