We Can't Let Rick Perry Do To America What He's Done To Texas

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As we've all heard on Monday and again yesterday, this Saturday Rick Perry will make some sort of announcement that he's basically probably actually running for President. The timing seems intended to invalidate Saturday's Iowa Straw Poll, in which he is not included, and also take advantage of a potentially weak GOP field on display during last night's debate (in which Perry, naturally, did not participate).

It's time to put Perry under the national microscope, and find out how he survives in a broader electoral environment, not just among Texas Republican primary voters. And it's time to make sure that everyone in America knows the real Rick Perry that we've been dealing with for nearly 11 years.

Over the coming months, the media's going to talk a lot about whether Perry can unite the evangelicals, secessionists, and let-them-eat-cake corporate fat-cats like his Texas predecessor George W. Bush. What they might NOT talk about as much are the horrifying statistics and human costs of Perry's record, including high rates of poverty and uninsured children, a relentless attack on teachers and public education, escalating costs of college attendance, and an evisceration of the social safety net here in Texas.

And while the media might rave about his record of “job creation,” they might not remember that the vast majority of those jobs are minimum-wage jobs that don't help working-class folks escape the cycle of poverty or create sustainable economic growth for the middle class. They might give some quick lip-service to his flirtation with secession, or his comments that he wants to put major policy decisions in God's hands. But they probably won't get down into the weeds – not just yet, anyways – of the real Rick Perry, the man who politicized the forensic science commission to cover up for executing a potentially innocent man; the man who cares more about shoving a vaginal probe in every abortion-seeking woman than funding public schools and employing teachers; the man who in eleven long, long years has done an awful lot of harm to an awful lot of people. And while many of us are proud of Texas, proud of our history and heritage, of the many great folks we've produced, we're not proud of Rick Perry or what he's done to our state.

So as America begins to give Rick Perry a closer look, here at Burnt Orange Report we're more than happy to oblige, and make sure voters know the truth about Rick Perry's so-called Texas Miracle. Yep, Rick Perry's really made magic happen here in Texas: it's a miracle that he's been able to do so much damage in under 11 years. You think George W. Bush was bad? Wait until you see what his successor's capable of.

Don't let Rick Perry do to America what he's done to Texas!

As we get ready to shine a light on the atrocities of his administration, now's a really important time to make sure the people of Texas weigh on in his time as Governor. It's a big project, one your friendly kid bloggers can't do all on our own. Burnt Orange Readers, you tell us: what's the worst thing Rick Perry has done, and why does it scare you so much that he's running for President?

After all, as the great Texan Molly Ivins once said, “Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.”


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  1. How about claiming that we had a surplus
    while he was running for governor when we really had a HUGE deficit that we're all paying for now, thanks to his dodgy business tax?

    Oh and this too:

    Rick Perry Says Social Security And Medicare Are Unconstitutional


  2. Perry prioritizes the health of his political career over the health of women…
    Many of the laws he has signed inject political interference into women's private decision-making. Gov. Perry signed into law a measure that would require women to receive a state-mandated lecture that includes medically inaccurate information before they can access abortion care. He then signed additional legislation amending the law to force some women to make two trips to the provider before receiving abortion care.

    Just this year, Gov. Perry signed into law a bill requiring that a woman seeking abortion care undergo an ultrasound–even if she does not want one, and even if her doctor does not recommend it. Then, the doctor must play the heartbeat while describing the fetus to the woman.  If the doctor doesn't do this he or she could face losing their medical license.  The bill also requires a woman to wait 24 hours after the sonogram before receiving an abortion, effectively making every woman make two trips to the clinic.  Not an easy feat for the women who live in the 93% of Texas counties that don't have an abortion provider.

    Perry has also taken strong stances in support of anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs). One law he helped to enact established “choose life” license plates, which allocate funding for CPCs. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas has been a leader in documenting how CPCs often mislead, misinform, harass, and intimidate women. A recent investigation found that several CPCs in Texas had racked up numerous safety and privacy violations.

    And how's this for supporting anti-choice ideology? Gov. Perry signed a proclamation declaring April 2009 “Abortion Recovery Awareness Month” in Texas. The proclamation claims that abortion “often leads to lasting emotional and mental health problems for the mother…”  This proclamation uses recycled and inflammatory anti-choice rhetoric that's out of step with sound science.

    I could go on, but I suspect you get the gist of what I'm saying…

  3. HRH Ricky Says Let Them Eat Brioche
    How to choose from so many faux pas by this tax cut and spend faux conservative?  Is it that Taliban Rick vetoed a ban on cell phone texting while driving because it is too intrusive but pitched mandatory vaccinations for all 12 year old girls that would enrich his cronies?  Or it may be that on the same day as Prayer-a-palooza, entry to the back-to-school event in Houston was closed off early with 100,000 showing up for free school supplies, immunizations, health screenings, and food while HRH Ricky lives in a $10,000 per month mansion at taxpayer expense.

  4. “predecessor”?
    I was ready to share the link to this article until I ran into this sentence:  “You think George W. Bush was bad? Wait until you see what his predecessor's capable of.”  I assume you're not referring to Ann Richards or Bill Clinton.

    If you'll change the word “predecessor” to “successor”, I'll be more than happy to share this article with everyone I know.

  5. If you think…
    If you think G.W. Bush was bad, wait til you see Rick Perry!  Perry makes Bush look like Einstein or Mother Teresa.

  6. All good material but …
    if no one sees it no good comes from it. Everyone should be writing letters to the editor of newspapers around the country pointing these facts out, especially those like me who are transplants from other states. I wrote letters to my hometown newspaper in New Orleans and every other newspaper in Louisiana that I could find. I hope others here will do the same and encourage their friends to do so as well.

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