Eagle Ford Shale Governor Rick Perry's Eminent Domain Over Your Oil Rights

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Eagle Ford Shale Your Oil Rights

Do you have ancestral roots in South Central Texas? You might want to eat out less this week and invest the savings in a tank of gas and spend some time in La Salle County Texas reading tomb stones of family pioneers that lay in rest on the biggest oil/ Gas boom that has hit Texas sense the 1950's. You won't see much if you take the beaten path of I35 South towards Laredo; just miles of sage brush, cactus, and mesquite trees.

Occasionally, you will see empty farm houses and closed businesses dotting the way as a constant reminder left in the wake of Bush era tax cuts to the wealthy and Big Oil tax exemptions that caused the biggest global meltdown sense the Great Depression or is it proper to say by now the Great Depression II so we don't get confused? You cannot help but wonder with empathy, where these people are sleeping tonight or if their children make up the statistics of the 30% high school dropout rate in Texas.

If you're a roughneck or oil engineer looking for a job, it's just old news that assimilated faster than new high speed internet corporations that gobbled up billions in grant money for the same old service. If you just want to find out about the oil rights grandma left the family but did not file a will in probate, just head toward the Cataula Court House that is in the process of being totally restored to its original bright colored mosaic of ceramic tiles; however, you won't find what you are looking for there because the records have been moved to a temporary location.

To find the court records for rightful aire to oil and gas rights, you need to go to the old school house where President Lyndon Johnson taught my kin wondering why an oil tycoon moved 100rds of miles south of Johnson City to get a teaching job. That's where all the hand written journals are now stored and available to search for your land deed and mineral rights.

You better get their quick, law students fill the halls searching for you, studying old books that have not been opened sense the day they were closed and put on the shelf as a record of court proceedings dating back to when the Nueces River was the actual border between Texas Mexico not the Rio Grande. If it's too crowded and the wait is long stop by the Cataula library dedicated to my great great grandpa who was in charge of land grant distribution appointed by the Texas Railroad Commission.

Take the scenic view South of San Antonio by way of Somerset down rural route 1333 on the east side of highway I35. If you need a more detailed abstract map, just use Texas Governors Rick Perry's eminent domain green Crayola drawing of the planned Trans Corridor Highway that marks the spot of hidden treasures that could make you a millionaire.

Bring along the camera too, you might get lucky like we did and photograh a UFO. Yesterday after driving for 45 minutes hypnotized to the road mirages of summer heat, a kid in the back seat says, “Look a flying saucer!” I immediately said, “Is it a bird, Is it's a Plane, No it's Super Drone!” Capable of reading a milk carton a 20,000 feet, unable to read a license plate at a right angle or straight down.

Maybe that's why we see so many of these surveillance helicopters roving around on a thick cloudy day. But that's ok, President George Bush said, “It Will Keep Us Safer.” Now Governor Rick Perry is saying the same thing to justify guns on campus, “It will keep Us Safer.”

By-the-way, lock your doors when you go through a small South Texas Town, it could be one of Governor Rick Perry's “Sanctuary towns” where criminals hangout! Nah, don't worry, all the criminals our still in legislative late session in the Sanctuary Texas Capital City of Austin Texas.

If you take the trip, you'll notice miles of machine laid goat proof fences that stand a good 12 feet high with a bulldozed perimeter zone of 100 yards wide on the other side of the fence where the grass is really greener on the other side. I was looking for good photo shot of one those goats that can jump that fence, I bet San Antonio Spurs fans would be impressed with that jump or perhaps most would just nod their heads reaffirming that “Everything is Bigger In Texas” especially taxes for non-profits and small businesses.

Image 2006 Tax Plan: www.lineraism.org/images/PerryFailedTaxPlan.jpg

Maybe it's something to do with the NSA Top Secret program “Men Who Stare at Goats.” You can't help but wonder passing all those micro wave towers that have replaced windmill water pumps that have been in existence a century before electrical black outs stopped us from doing our daily chores and our Governor has to borrow power from Mexico to keep Texas afloat.

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Few understand that gasoline that makes up the majority of a barrel of raw crude is a toxic waste product we had no idea what to with until Henry Ford came up with a way to burn it off with the internal combustion engine. Benzene is another toxic waste but it seems to work well, in deep well fracturing, with the threat of terrorism and all that, it seemed to be a good idea to find a purpose for it as a secret recipe to get more out of an investment instead of a dry hole, justified by the 911 Patriot Act in the name of National security.

We had it pretty dam good less than a century ago, I know because I stopped by the Brush Country Museum in Cataula Texas, and visually worked over a model of Great Grandpa's Ramsey's Artisan Wells farm house protected by a plastic cover, a window in our past that proves before the automobile and electricity, we actually did have ways and means to live a healthy, balanced, meaningful life in concert with nature without the dependence on oil or gas.

Don't miss the collection of Texas veterans that fought in Mexican American War, World War I/ II, Korea and Vietnam. I promised the museum, next time I will bring a picture of my father to hang next to his Silver Star Citation already framed and hanging on the wall. The Citation reads for dragging two wounded Marines to safety and was shot three times through the back by the “enemy” which was actually Chinese soldiers the media reported for 20 years were not involved in fighting or defending a frozen lake in North Korea called the Chosen Reservoir.

If you don't believe me come on by and I will ask him to get off his tractor and pull up his shirt. When I was a kid, I could put my finger in deep in all three holes and he told me and my brothers that he served for us and none of us had a duty to go to war, but hell we didn't listen and joined up as soon as we could.

Lucky for me, I was differed a year or so after swearing in at the privilege of my country a few months after President Johnson stop the Vietnam War that never was started which we called a police action. Yes, the same President that taught my kin in the school were records of mineral rights are now temporarily store in Cataula Texas when San Antonio was just a one horse town.

Few people know, days after our exodus from Saigon, the vacuum of our departure drew the Chinese in to take over where we left off, and got their asses kicked so hard you won't read about it in history books. Just take my word for it, what I am saying is true, just as true as the capital invested in Eagle Ford Shale Drilling are Chinese Dollars that reap half of the profits that makes me wonder does the 911 Patriot Act really “Keep Us Safer” or the Oil Rich Elite wealthier who ignore the health, welfare, and education of Texas youth by way of fear and oppression?

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