Why Texas Governor James Richard Perry Should Resign

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Why Texas Governor James Richard Perry Should Resign from Office and is not eligible for the Office of The President of The United States

A miracle is a positive event in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things. Perhaps miracles are natural events outside of peripheral perception or beyond the limits of human reasoning that gives hope in times of despair or uncertainty.

Take a moment and think of all the people who are so commonplace in your daily affairs, they seem to be non-existent or completely invisible at times, such as a house keeper, security guards, maintenance personnel, students, clerks, grounds people, local grocer, or even a spouse.

At times, gender, race, and cultural groups seem to ride in a perceptual blind spot of social recognition. There is a good chance that even people of prestigious positions such as a Mayor, Senator, constable, banker, or your own child's teacher go unnoticed and you may have experienced difficulty with their names or would not recognize them at a social function.

Certainly, the people that hosted such a function, the workers, the servers, and those that prepared the food and drink, dwell in the peripheral blind spot of social invisibility. Could it be that there is an everyday ordinary common god, as close as the invisible nose on your face, working miracles in your life?

I met Mary a few years back while doing research on the origin and history of the Medina Dam Reservoir in rural South Texas, the oldest concrete reservoir developed, financed, and engineered by a man who lost his life on the Lusitania, torpedoed by a German U-boat U-20 on 7 May 1915, an event that brought the United States into the Great World War, now known as World War I as a matter of history repeating World War II.

The Medina Reservoir Irrigation system was expanded during the Roosevelt's New Deal era creating 1000's of jobs for the undereducated unemployed after the Black Monday stock market crash of 1929 into a recession so deep it is remembered as the Great Depression, the biggest financial meltdown in the history of the United States which had an effect on the world's economic health for the next 40 years.

I have forgotten the Medina Reservoirs developers name engraved on a brass plate that is no longer assessable as in days of my youth, fenced in with high barbed wired fences financed by the 911 Patriot Act in the name of National Security by the newly formed Texas Anti-terrorism Task Force while I was away working in China.

Little did I know the anti-terrorism task force brought back the corruption of the McCarthyism era, 1940's-1950's, an anti-communism domestic surveillance program developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation led by J Edgar Hoover, dictating We The People as enemies of the State. Never-the-less, as my eyes look for a way to circumvent the barrier for a photograph of the historic marker; followed the bottom of the fence upwards over the spiraling razor wire peering into deep space, aware of my tiny insignificance in the whole of things unaware of a satellite perched over my GPS position. Nor, did I heed the words that Mary had said, “Somebody is Always Watching.”

Corruption and politics has never interested me much, and if it were not for the Secret Service visiting our farm and threatening my family three times in 2008, and the continual intrusion of my privacy of being stalked and tracked by new high tech domestic surveillance devices and the illegal incorporation of a private firm on a Texas University that brought myself and family great harm, I would have never of given much thought to Global Economic Crisis; however,  I just happen to be one of those people that dwell in the peripheral blind spot of social invisibility, just your everyday ordinary common mystic.

Poetry developed 20,000 years ago as hymns chanted or sung by Mystics in the same way songs developed from illiterate American slaves from conceptions beyond the temporal binary association of rational thought I call “Pennies from Heaven.” In times of despair Mystics seek Divine guidance by shifting their consciousness beyond binary associations and often times write these experiences down in verse; or the poem that has already been written.

The pragmatic calls these blessing of inspiration the abstract, but in reality the abstract is the logical linear written expression we call a poem. A better example would be a highway map which is an abstract drawing of empirical objects; another would be a linear typed engineering design without illustrations which is in fact an abstract design. Abstract designs includes the best software applications of today or tomorrow that will never break through the linguistic sound barrier of binary associations-  known as the Ontological Dilemma or the fact “to know is to be human.” Digital systems have proven to be good slaves for mankind but make very bad Masters.

Thank God for miracles or positive events in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things such in my case which reflected karmic harm back to those that bring harm to the harmless! The new 911 free- for- all spending Act mandated by George Bush Jr. drained our economy by paying our neighbors to keep an eye on us as secret intelligence operatives and corporations now protected by the secret emergency measure under the guise to keep us safe while violating the intent to our right to personal privacy protected by our constitution.

Every time congress enacts a new law, no matter how trivial, we are strip of our freedom to legislate our own actions and places the burden of our behavior on Law Enforcement Agencies. If congress were to pass a law today that band sex, very few would obey the law nor would the police enforce it; however, if the law only applies to the citizens and not to those who govern or the police who are rewarded for enforcing the law, violates the 'rule of law' that only leads to government corruption.

Likewise, congressional law makers know, no matter how rational a proposition may seem in theory, the only way to prove a legislative mandate benefits the better good is after the law is applied. If a newly drafted law is the cause of better sweet consequences or unjust; the law is debated by a congressional oversight committee, and if necessary adjusted in some way or is repealed. Legislative laws that produce dire consequences, especially for those that band together as special Interest groups and those that govern, creates a power uproar so loud it calls for immediate action and in some cases Martial law is supreme as we have seen after the 911 attack on New York City with the disregard to our right to privacy which is also a constitutional necessity.

Emergency executive orders or Martial law at the state level such as Texas were rightly approved and enacted to protect the whole body of the United States from Terrorism with good reason, we had just been attacked with our own passenger airlines that brought down the twin towers that stood high above the New York city sky-line which hosted the worlds global financial centers that killed near 4000 people, September 11, 2001. On this same day attempts to destroy the Pentagon and the White House failed to complete their mission, praise God.

Lieutenant Texas Governor James Richard Perry, known as “Rick Perry” assumed the office of  Texas Governor by protocol of George W. Bush winning presidential election in 2000 just months before the attack and issued an executive order RP8 “Relating to the Governor's Task Force of Homeland Security.” “This executive order supersedes all previous orders and shall remain in effect and in full force until modified, amended, rescinded, or superseded by me [Governor Rick Perry] or by a succeeding Governor.”

citation: http://governor.state.tx.us/ne…

Unfortunately, The order has never been rescinded or was still in effect as of his third election in 2010 which gave the Governor almost complete dictatorship in Texas which included over 3000 bias appointees of Public Trust some embedded in the supreme court creating a corrupt Texas Justice system.

Executive Order RP8 violated the Civil and Human Rights of all Texas Citizens clearly expressed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Texas Governor Rick Perry  used Overt and Convert Acts against the people of Texas solely to retain power and oppress the people of Texas in the name of National Security justified by the 911 Patriot Act. He openly declared war on the United States and attempted succession from the Union without consideration of law abiding American Patriots who reside in Texas and are United States Citizens.

The Governor of Texas by virtue of the power and authority is legally responsible for and is directly linked to the abuse of Federal Funds by his signature of executive order RP8 which formed the Texas anti-terrorism task force which has led to political favors that include State as well as Federal employees who freely act without fear of prosecution as if above the law.

Texas Governor Rick Perry sat aloof of illegal acts as if by washing his hands releases him from any involvement as all others by his orders must suffer punishment by law as a consequence of his executive emergency order and their own illegal actions. These favors or lawless orders are justified by fear of a necessary evil for a better good against an unidentified fictitious enemy of the United States by using the term 'Terrorism or Terrorist' instead of specific persons or organizations that have attacked or plan to attack the United States or at war with the same which lends to the abuse of power by fear of unknown threats to retain power and oppress the people of Texas by anti-ethical investigations devices, retaliation of political adversaries, and by prosecution of the innocent with undue conspiracy charges whenever the Governor of Texas cries wolf or 'Terrorism.'

In 2009, newly elected President Barrack Obama corrected this Naming and Necessity problem by clearly identifying that United States was at war with a specific organization known as Al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda is a global militant Sunni Islamist group founded by Osama bin Laden. I understand Osama bin Laden was the leader of “A group called The Islamic Movement for Change” that claimed responsibility of the first federal building bombing in Saudi Arabia. I have good reason to believe it, if I was a witness to the first federal bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 13, 1995 as well as my departed wife who was a Federal Worker at the time. She did not die in the explosion but from unrelated causes later in life years before I met Mary and thought I would never love again.

Financial corruption followed in all States because the 911 Patriot Act which by general consensus of being at war, no one questioned trillions of dollars of expenditures in the name of national security justified by the 911 patriot act. In the case of the State of Texas, financial statistics accounted for over twenty percent of our nation's 14 trillion dollar debt between the periods of 2001-2008 and a 23 Billion dollar deficit in the State of Texas own treasury.

The office of Texas comptroller accounted for every penny as a precursor letter in 2006 that the “Perry Tax Plan is the biggest hot check in Texas History” and projected a 23 Billion dollar shortfall in 2010 which all Texans mostly children, the elderly, and those that require social services suffer dramatically from the consequences of the Governors tax legislation.

citation: http:/www.window.state.tx.us/n…

When is Texas Governor Perry going to pay the money back and come clean with the Tea Party mob riot he caused by accusing the Federal Government on the trillions of dollars he disposed of at his discretion with no audit trail? Not to mention the children, the elderly, and disabled who lost needed care services caused directly by “Rick Perry's Tax Plan” or “The Biggest Hot Check in Texas History?”

When the 911 Act was drafted, great care and concern for our constitutional right to privacy and due process lead to a serious philosophical debate in regards to privacy intrusions; not those that are mere mild irritations of privacy but those violations that could endanger the lives of others such as wiretapping, domestic surveillance, and sharing of classified information between the FBI and police or those of Public Trust including private firms.

Once the 911 Act was passed, privacy intrusions became a matter of public trust which is an ethical concern and not a point of law. Ethics is only a concern for those that are honorable and honest; however, many people consider morality as a moot notion such as those who argue the new age Kant Hedonism theory, “If we don't know where we came from and we don't know where we are going, why  should we care about the way we act?”

This is not to say those of Public Trust are dishonest, because it is more likely to be true to say “everybody is honest”; therefore, the problem of privacy violations is not an ethical concern of honesty but a point of trustworthiness which is a point of law.

Systemic rules are rules of trustworthiness such as the policies at any bank which incorporate checks and balances that are tedious and seem to be ambiguous to ensure the investors that the bank is trustworthy, which is not the case of honesty or an ethical concern.

The 911 act was mandated by President George Bush Jr. for good reason with the intent to “keep us safer” but those in positions of public trust that take Kant's free will theory literally, without ethical judgment but to the letter of the law, used the 911 Act to fleece our countries coffers and create trillions of dollars in debt while lining their own pockets with gold at the same time busied themselves building political empires.

People that consider ethics as a moot notion will not disclose the fact they do not care about the way they act; however, you can identify them when they show no empathy or justify an unethical life style by making such statements “If you have a concern about it, then make a law against it (Rick Perry 2010)!”

One of the first bold acts of our newly elected Commander-n-Chief, President Barack Obama in April of 2009, was to make sure the application of the Rule of Law was applied by incorporating systemic mandates or rules of checks and balances that ensure those of Public Trust are Trustworthy. Again, this is not a question of honesty, everybody is honest. The rule of law simply means the application of the law applies to those that are governed and those that govern too. Nobody is above the law or can anyone make an exception to the law.

Most citizens believe that the 911 Act overrides all privacy laws including those government agencies that enforce laws that ensures our right to privacy by evidence of backlogs of complaints that go back for many years, as if the right to privacy is no longer a law that anyone obeys such as a law that would make sex an illegal act- nobody will obey it not even the police. If we apply an exception to the rule that sex is a violation punishable by law except for those that enforce the law is that “slippery slope” of corruption that in part or by whole caused the biggest Global Economic Meltdown in over one hundred years.

The 911 Act speed and impact of destruction to global economic health could not have been possible without the incorporation of private security firms and data bases or computer applications that were hard wired to favorable responses without an audit trail or any quality assurance systems that once required human intervention.

Total reliance of computer applications gave these private firms or any illegitimate State Militia the disastrous ability to access payment for goods and services without competitive bids or worse, corporations where paid for not providing any services expect for accounts receivable and accounts payable system tied to automatic payments from the federal government. Many of these firms and government organizations used blanket covers of National Security justified by the 911 Patriot Act. The 911 Free-for-all spending act justified funds and triggered automatic payments without an audit trail or auditors.

The best software applications of today or tomorrow will never break through the linguistic sound barrier of binary associations- to know is to be human. Without a doubt, computer devices that produce artificial Intelligence are useful tools for mankind. Likewise, as recent history has shown, artificial Intelligence has proven to be a very good slave but also a very bad MASTER!

The 911 Patriot Act caused the greatest global economic meltdown by the time I graduated in fall 2008 “Class of Global Economic Crisis” which was history repeating, but no one wanted to call the crisis by its real name The Great Depression II. Think of all that entire book editing to go back and rename The Great Depression I of 1929 or worse today's ability to change with a few clicks of a button Statistics, Facts, and History for political control!

I gathered my research by interviewing Alsatian immigrants in Castroville, Texas who still had living memory of the area's history and spending days in the Castroville library that had a collection of local, national, and international works not yet replaced by online computer terminals.  Unlike the nearest university library empty of books and people, this small town book depository was full of locals reading books and enjoying the library's resources less history repeat!

My home, a farm house, was miles away from my field project so I spent the last night in an old Inn after interviewing Mary, a young lady my age for information concerning my research. Mary, a Park Ranger, suggested that I stay at the local historic Landmark Inn which was the beginning of a lifelong relationship.

Like I said previously, a miracle is a positive event in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things. Perhaps miracles are natural events outside of peripheral perception or beyond the limits of human reasoning that gives hope in times of despair or uncertainty.

It won't be a miracle that causes Rick Perry to resign from the Office of the Governor of Texas, because the application of the rule of law does not oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things – all it takes is an indictment for his crimes against the people of Texas and the citizens of the United States of America! All it takes is faith in The United States Attorney General Office. In all other things, In God we trust!

Citation: http://www.linearism.org/Journ…



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