Texas College Republicans Chairman Charlie McCaslin Resigns

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If you were told that anti-gay slurs had caused a Texas political party officer to resign his post, you might be thinking that Democratic Party Chair Dan Ramos had finally decided to do the right thing. But you would be incorrect.

Charlie McCaslin, chairman of the Texas College Republicans, has resigned his position after calling opponents of National College Republicans candidate (and current National College Republicans Vice-Chair) Alex Schriver “nerds and fags” in a video recorded of a toast made by McCaslin on Shriver's behalf. Shriver responded to the remark in the affirmative, toasting “To Charlie!” in reply.

Watch the video for yourself.  

Charlie McCaslin posted his resignation letter online which apologizes mildly for his actions. Schriver called McCaslin's comments 'inappropriate and highly offensive,' and warned that 'it is possible that some could incorrectly interpret my actions to be supportive” of McCaslin's remarks for which he expressed regret and apologized.

Schriver's opponent for NCR Chair Jonathon Snyder has called for Schriver to resign his position and drop out of the race stating that “Having a Chairman who is willing to accept and then toast degrading remarks about women, homophobic slurs and juvenile behavior against anyone is unacceptable.  For the sake of the CRNC, our candidates, and party I am calling on Alex Schriver to resign his post with the CRNC and end his campaign to become the next national chairman effective immediately.  Were Alex Schriver sitting in the Chairmanship of the CRNC currently, this would permanently damage the organization's integrity and trust with both donors and the Republican community at-large.”

Lost among much of the back and forth of apologizes is the fact that the Texas Republican Party Platform gives Homosexuality a section of its own and reads as follows.

Homosexuality – We believe that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society, contributes to the breakdown of the family unit, and leads to the spread of dangerous, communicable diseases. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country's founders, and shared by the majority of Texans. Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle in our public education and policy, nor should “family” be redefined to include homosexual “couples.” We are opposed to any granting of special legal entitlements, refuse to recognize, or grant special privileges including, but not limited to: marriage between persons of the same sex (regardless of state of origin), custody of children by homosexuals, homosexual partner insurance or retirement benefits. We oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction, or belief in traditional values.

This sort of behavior isn't acceptable from any Party officer. While some credit can be given to the Republicans involved for their apologies and resignations (more than can be given than say Dan Ramos), it highlights the continuing credibility problem the GOP has with regard to tolerance and GLBT issues. It's sad that even the younger members of the Republican Party continue to cling on to the bad habits of their elders.  


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  1. Learning Bad Habits
    From their elders…inebriation seems to be part of the Texas GOP's “conservative” agenda. Anytime a Republican goes to the mic, I'm going to wonder how much of their decision-making happened under the influence.

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