Rick Perry Stops Governing during State of Emergency

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Remember that cold front that came in last week? Remember the rolling blackouts and how much of the state closed (including state government)? Remember Rick Perry declaring a state of emergency to deal with the problems? 

If you said no to the last one, it's because Rick Perry didn't declare a state of emergency in Texas. So far, the emergencies are eminent domain, voter ID and sonograms.

Everyone of our neighboring states declared a state of emergency — even Mexico! And yet Rick Perry is in California ignoring the ice-crisis in Texas.

Maybe Perry should just do a quick google of “Texas snow accident” to see the countless accidents and black outs that are occurring across the state. 

This is the governor who considered every radical social issue he could get his hands on an “emergency” legislative priority.  This is the governor who, during the heat of an election, declared 40 Texas counties were disaster areas due to a tropical storm that caused considerably less damage than has been caused in these past 3-4 days.  FEMA ended up rejecting Perry's appeal for 13 of the counties.

Perry did keep his vacation going in California (55 Delegates) while Texas suffered.

Sort of interesting he would be in California. California is the last state to have rolling blackouts rigged for financial gain (ENRON). Texas appears to be the most recent.  

From the Texas Observer:

While Texans suffered rolling blackouts yesterday, some power generators were enjoying windfall profits. Starting around 5 a.m., prices in the wholesale market surged to the market cap, $3,000 per megawatt-hour, and stayed there, off and on, until around noon. Prices are typically below $100/megawatt-hour, acknowledged ERCOT CEO H.P. “Trip” Doggett today in a press conference.

There are still more questions than answers but this much is clear: At best, some power generators around the state raked in oodles of money thanks to the way ERCOT has structured the energy market. At worst, some may have manipulated the market to drive up prices.

 The Lone Star Project had something to ad about the situation too:

Texas is currently experiencing a record cold-wave and ice storm which has killed at least 6 people and brought rolling power blackouts. Texas parents, public officials, business owners and managers are all struggling to keep homes and businesses warm. Meanwhile, Rick Perry is in California meeting with deep-pocket Republican donors and right-wing opinion leaders. 

Perry was paying so little attention to the ice storm during his five day trip to California that his own press release misstated the reason for the rolling blackouts saying it was the result of high demand when, in fact, the problem was a reduction in the power supply. (Austin American-Statesman, 2/3/2011

Rick Perry was re-elected less than 3 months ago and he is already showing he just doesn't care. If he can't posture, he isn't going to govern. 

When Texas needed him most, Perry went to California. When the job got tough, Perry got going. Do you think he would have done his job if a national news network had been in Texas focusing on the storm? Maybe then he would have declared a state of emergency or monitored the situation with ERCOT or helped cities and counties coordinate resources or done his job. Texas needs a leader not a political PR team. 

We need to demand Rick Perry simply stop messing with Texas. 


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      • Oooo You made me think about Cabrito!
        I haven't had that in years and years but now I am back!

        My grandmother was the secretary treasurer of this union!

        Kick ass!  


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  1. What emergency?
    Dallas gets hit with snow and ice every winter. As does most of the northern part of the state. A harsher winter than normal. But still just another winter.

    The blackouts were the result of both high demand throughout the state and the result of generating plants being down for maintenance. Maybe generating plants shouldn't be allowed to be down for maintenance during the winter months? As for the disaster, it happens every winter in the North and Northeast. Usually the result of ice on power lines. People in the North and Northeast deal with it. They don't turn the inconvenience, an annual one, into political fodder for partisan attacks on whoever happens to be in office. They also don't need a governor to declare an emergency. Radar usually serves to adequately warn everone of what is about to hit. No one in this state has any idea of what a harsh winter is. Ask someone in Chicago or Boston what a harsh winter is. We have had a heat wave compared to what they have had so far.

    As for the energy traders swooping in like vultures to feast on the frozen carcasses, well, how many Democrats in the Texas Legislature joined the Republicans in the Texas Legislature in telling us all that deregulation would be good for us?

    Perry is like a harsh winter. Better get used to it.  

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