Tea Party Prepared to Strike Kay Bailey Hutchison

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Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison, dismissed by Rick Perry earlier in the year in the GOP gubernatorial primary, should expect a crowded primary field for her United States Senate seat should she decide to run again. Courtesy of the Star-Telegram:

“She personifies everything that the Tea Party is fighting,” said Konni Burton, a member of the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party steering committee. “She is a Republican, but when you check her votes on many issues, they are not ones that conservatives are happy with.”

Adrian Murray, president of the grassroots 912 Project Fort Worth, said: “For the sake of what's left of her own reputation and credibility, she should not run again. She got shellacked in the primary, and that should have been [a]signal enough that we're done with her. KBH epitomizes the slick career politician that so many in the movement despise.”

You are quite likely to have better luck guessing Texas Lottery numbers than you are guessing if Kay Bailey Hutchison will run again for the U.S. Senate or simply retire. God only knows, honey. Her motivation for running for governor against Perry really settled on the fact she was angling for that Governor's mansion as a retirement home. However, given her tarnished record and personality at the hands of Republican Perry, Hutchison may be forced out of her seat whether she wishes to be or not. The likes of Weatherford car salesman Roger Williams and Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams all claim to be running regardless of Hutchison's plan.  They've seen this horror flick before after all, having been bit by Kay's capitulation in the past.  

I'm not certain that Hutchison is politically savvy enough to know what is going on here, which is that moderates in today's Republican Party are not welcome and becoming far more extinct with each passing day.  The withering fire and utter chaos that has erupted in the recent race for Speaker of the Texas House between the moderate Joe Strauss and his extreme challengers Warren Chisum and Ken Paxton is indicative of what is occurring throughout the country with this marriage of convenience between the GOP and the Tea Party. As Kay Bay can attest to, and now Strauss as well, the Tea Party doesn't play fair, they play nasty with a mission to tarnish, burn, and ultimately destroy one's reputation. Hutchison has proven once before she really doesn't have the stomach for the type of race that Tea Party extremists like Rick Perry run. As Joe Strauss is realizing within the Texas House, politicians like he and Kay Bay could be all that stands between an ultra-conservative, extreme takeover of the modern Republican Party and the destruction of GOP moderates along the way.    


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  1. Wait a sec…

    KBH epitomizes the slick career politician that so many in the movement despise.”

    Condemning slick career politicians while supporting Rick Perry?

    These morons have zero credibility based on that statement alone. I wonder how many votes they command.  

    • Depends on your definition of slick…
      She's slick in the sense of she says one thing then does another. As in, in the beginning, she said she would only serve two terms. She managed a third term simply because she was the Republican candidate. She may not be the Republican candidate in 2014. She said she would resign her seat when she entered the race for governor. So I suspect she will be retired by the voters in the primary.

      Rick Perry is slick. But does what he says. He pretty much toes the line across the board with most Republicans including many moderates.

      Her real problem was courtesy of Rick Perry when he tagged her Kay “Bailout” Hutchison. Many Republicans realized it was Kay “Bailout Wall Street But to Hell with Main Street” Hutchison and that proved to be her undoing since she forgot that most Republicans in Texas live on Main Street. Not Wall Street like she and her husband do.

      The Republicans will most likely keep the seat in 2014 because the Texas Democratic Party seems completely incapable of running candidates that appeal to Democrats in large enough numbers to get them to go to the polls.

      Be grateful she will be gone. Unless Rick Perry does run for president and wins and decides to really say “Adios MoFos” by appointing her to replace him.

        • It was meant to be nonsensical…
          It was a tongue-in-cheek comment but some have their heads-inbetween-their-other-cheeks so to speak and so it goes over their head.

          Just the same, the Legislature can amend the provisions in Article III regarding succession. And might do so at some point if the king wishes. Even if how they amend it is not really constitutional. And they might get away with it. Given that we have a Supreme Court that believes the Constitution of Texas really doesn't matter any more than the laws that constitution frames do.

          We are no longer a state. We are a kingdom. The king rules.  

  2. The door is opening
    I hope that the Dems see this opportunity.  We'll have a chance to field a strong, progressive candidate who will be a marked contrast to the Tea Party firebrand that is likely to make it out of the Repub primary.

    • Progressive Candidate?
      Yes, the Dems will have a chance to field a strong, progressive candidate. And if they do he/she will go down in flames. We are in Texas…remember. We are not in a swing/moderate/reasonable minded state.  

      • Independent voters respect and vote for candidates that show
        that they're committed. John Kerry lost in part because he came across as wishy-washy and couldn't articulate a position strongly. W on the other hand was all about commitment in as few words as possible. Independents will vote for a committed candidate that makes no bones about who they are and what they believe in over a triagulator regardless of whether the accept all their views or not.

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