Rick Perry Continues Assault on the Middle Class

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This morning Rick Perry continued to demonstrate he lives in a world unto himself as he vehemently denied that the George W. Bush initiated federal assistance program to the American auto-industry helped to save more than 1 million jobs, including thousands right here in the Lone Star State. Perry said:

Gov. Rick Perry: “I don't think government should be involved in private sector just to say it worked.  To back up, I don't know if it worked or not.” [Fox News, Fox News Sunday, 11/21/10]

What an absurd comment. The reality is that had former President George W. Bush, and his successor President Barack Obama, not moved forward with the auto-bailout the economic challenges we now face would not only be drastically worse, but quite frankly more catastrophic and more painful then it already is. Moreover, the ripple effect of the auto industry collapse wouldn't just negatively affect direct jobs in manufacturing of vehicles, but the peripheral jobs such as parts manufacturing, auto and part sales, customer service jobs, financing, etc. would have soared middle class job losses much higher into the millions. Republican Rick Perry continues to play loose with the facts and demonstrates how out of touch he is with mainstream Texans and middle America. This man begs for federal stimulus dollars and federal money in general when it is politically convenient for cover such as balancing state budgets, but when you want to run for President and sell fiction novels it is better to offer baseless sound bites that don't deal in realities.  

  • Roundly amongst even fellow Republicans such as Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee who filibustered the bailout now believes that it has worked.(source)
  • The Economist magazine, far from a federal government apologist, ran a headline saying “The Doomsayers Were Wrong” on the federal assistance program to the auto-industry. (source)
  • Finally, renowned writer for BusinessWeek, Ed Wallace, a balanced critic of both the Right and the Left, was one of the first to sound the alarms of needing to save Detroit, has been consistent with his assessment that it was the right thing to do, and probably has offered the best economic analysis of what the federal assistance program did in preventing the American auto-industry collapse. His analysis has been spot on to say the least.(source)

Isn't it amazing how a politician who rails against Washington yet works the phones and begs his congressional representation to get as much stimulus and federal dollars as they possibly can to bailout Rick Perry can have any credibility at all?      


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  1. Hold on, now…
    …Rick Perry has created thousands upon thousands of jobs in the private sector when he was a captain of industry.  

    He knows something about creating jobs.  

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