Hello! There's Still an Election Going On…

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With all the depression and recrimination going on in Texas and around the country it seems that many have forgotten that there is a special election coming up Dec 14 in HD 44, Guadalupe, Wilson and Gonzales counties. With the untimely demise of the venerable and well liked Edmund Kuempel shortly after winning his re-election we now have a special election to fill the seat and there are 10 candidates running. There are two Democrats though one is of questionable nature – he won't be eligible vote until Dec 12 since he just did register to vote in the district. There's one Libertarian and a remarkable seven Republicans.

Cheryl Patterson is the Democrat that party regulars have coalesced around and she's died in the wool progressive. Patterson has a Masters of Educational Administration from Texas A&M, a Masters of Legal Studies from Southwest Texas State University, and a Bachelors of History from Southwest Texas State University. She is a former teacher and principal and how is a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker as well as a member of the Navarro ISD Board of Trustees.

She visited with us this evening and let us know that she's going to be a strong advocate for green energy device production in the state as well as public education. Cheryl told us she firmly believes in the separation of religion and state and a woman's right to control her own body.

So if you'd like to help get us to 52 Dems in the state house please contact Cheryl's campaign coordinator Gloria Sasser at 830-556-2887 gloriasasser@wildblue.net Cheryl can use all the help phonebanking and blockwalking that she can get as this will be a really short campaign.


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  1. Second dem also has a website but …
    while he or someone at least writes well enough, when he spoke to a group of Guadalupe Dem's he admitted to not having voted in the last three elections and when asked about issues was at best unable to articulate what he found important or why. He can be found here http://www.texas2020.org

    There's even some concern about his real residency since the address is his mother's home and he is believed to have been living in Austin until deciding to run for the seat at the last minute.

    While he's an anti-death penalty activist, the first thing any activist should do is register to vote and then vote every time and he didn't. That should tell you something about his qualifications for office at least in the Democratic Party.

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