Tom Delay's Lawyer, Dick Deguerin, Calls for Investigation Into Rick Perry's ETF Scandal

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Ed. note: This post has been udpated to provide more context to the original press release.

This is pretty huge. From a press release the Bill White campaign sent out minutes ago:

Bill White called for an immediate state and federal investigation, and one of the nation's preeminent criminal defense lawyers weighed in today as Rick Perry stonewalls questions about the public corruption scandal. 

Perry handed out $16 million in taxpayer dollars from a high tech fund to companies tied to his top political contributors. 

“This is the kind of thing a Public Integrity Unit ought to investigate. If the fundraisers promised or suggested that grants would go to political donors and then that happened, that's criminal, plain and simple,” said Dick DeGuerin. 

DeGuerin has defended Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Representative Tom DeLay and was recently named one of the 25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century. 

“Perry's had 48 hours. He's stonewalling simple questions and refusing to release documents revealing the investors in companies getting taxpayer dollars. The Travis County DA and the Department of Justice should investigate,” said White.

The scandal we're referring to is the major, breaking story from Sunday & Monday's Dallas Morning News.

It is also making national headlines:

The crux of the scandal is as follows:

An investigation by The Dallas Morning News found that more than $16 million from the Emerging Technology Fund has been awarded to companies with investors or officers who are large campaign donors to Perry.


The governor's office administers the tech fund, and the governor must approve each award – a system that most other states with tech funds avoid to guard against political influence.

The News found that tech fund money has been awarded to companies with which at least eight significant Perry donors are affiliated.

Read those DMN stories in full to understand the depth and breadth of the stories.


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  1. The big “if”
    Notice the big attorney who apparently can defend a Republican against corruption charges while attacking another one said “If the fundraisers promised or suggested..”  Guess we know who Dick de Guerin is supporting.  

    This from a candidate for governor of Texas who after his first election as mayor of Houston hosted a “Second Chance to Buy a Piece of City Hall” fundraiser at the home of Republican mover-and-shaker Ned Holmes.

    He distanced himself from Barack Obama and probably lost the African-American vote.

    He accused the Jaffe and Longoria families of being associated with terrorists, never mind his own association with Isaam Fares who supports Hezbollah, and probably lost the Hispanic vote.

    Now he's trying to rally what's left of the voters, mainly white voters, into running to the polls to save us from the most corrupt politician in Texas since Tom De Lay. Who of course Dick de Guerin is defending.

    Total desperation from a totally desperate candidate and a totally desperate campaign.  Run by a state party that simply has no idea what it is doing.  

    • Baby Snooks,
      What Republican blogs do you post at? They have to be missing you.  I, for one, would love to be missing you and your sunshiny assessments.

      AS a companion issue to this story, I would like to see a compilation of no-bid contracts awarded by the “state” of Texas and the corresponding “donations” by the non-bidders to the GOP. Then add one more column of information…how many of theses companies failed to execute the contract.

      Texas GOP Mob in “action”.

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