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Tom Delay's Lawyer, Dick Deguerin, Calls for Investigation Into Rick Perry's ETF Scandal

by: Phillip Martin

Wed Oct 06, 2010 at 10:32 AM CDT

Ed. note: This post has been udpated to provide more context to the original press release.

This is pretty huge. From a press release the Bill White campaign sent out minutes ago:

Bill White called for an immediate state and federal investigation, and one of the nation's preeminent criminal defense lawyers weighed in today as Rick Perry stonewalls questions about the public corruption scandal. 

Perry handed out $16 million in taxpayer dollars from a high tech fund to companies tied to his top political contributors. 

"This is the kind of thing a Public Integrity Unit ought to investigate. If the fundraisers promised or suggested that grants would go to political donors and then that happened, that's criminal, plain and simple," said Dick DeGuerin. 

DeGuerin has defended Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Representative Tom DeLay and was recently named one of the 25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century. 

"Perry's had 48 hours. He's stonewalling simple questions and refusing to release documents revealing the investors in companies getting taxpayer dollars. The Travis County DA and the Department of Justice should investigate," said White.

The scandal we're referring to is the major, breaking story from Sunday & Monday's Dallas Morning News.

It is also making national headlines:

The crux of the scandal is as follows:

An investigation by The Dallas Morning News found that more than $16 million from the Emerging Technology Fund has been awarded to companies with investors or officers who are large campaign donors to Perry.


The governor's office administers the tech fund, and the governor must approve each award – a system that most other states with tech funds avoid to guard against political influence.

The News found that tech fund money has been awarded to companies with which at least eight significant Perry donors are affiliated.

Read those DMN stories in full to understand the depth and breadth of the stories.


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The big "if" (1.00 / 1)
Notice the big attorney who apparently can defend a Republican against corruption charges while attacking another one said "If the fundraisers promised or suggested.."  Guess we know who Dick de Guerin is supporting.  

This from a candidate for governor of Texas who after his first election as mayor of Houston hosted a "Second Chance to Buy a Piece of City Hall" fundraiser at the home of Republican mover-and-shaker Ned Holmes.

He distanced himself from Barack Obama and probably lost the African-American vote.

He accused the Jaffe and Longoria families of being associated with terrorists, never mind his own association with Isaam Fares who supports Hezbollah, and probably lost the Hispanic vote.

Now he's trying to rally what's left of the voters, mainly white voters, into running to the polls to save us from the most corrupt politician in Texas since Tom De Lay. Who of course Dick de Guerin is defending.

Total desperation from a totally desperate candidate and a totally desperate campaign.  Run by a state party that simply has no idea what it is doing.  

Baby Snooks, (0.00 / 0)
What Republican blogs do you post at? They have to be missing you.  I, for one, would love to be missing you and your sunshiny assessments.

AS a companion issue to this story, I would like to see a compilation of no-bid contracts awarded by the "state" of Texas and the corresponding "donations" by the non-bidders to the GOP. Then add one more column of information...how many of theses companies failed to execute the contract.

Texas GOP Mob in "action".

[ Parent ]
Well, there's always this: (5.00 / 1)
Here's a list of Perry's screw-ups over the last TEN YEARS as governor (from Austin American-Statesman

via  Bay Area Houston http://bayareahouston.blogspot...

After 10 years as governor, it's difficult to pinpoint a singular achievement for Perry.

Well said. The AAS has endorsed Bill White for Governor. It is a very well written endorsement highlighting some of Perry's many failures over the last 10 years:

There's the ill-conceived Trans-Texas Corridor highway plan that upset so many before it died. There's the HPV vaccination program that was a governmental overreach. And there's a long list of vetoes that shows a disconnect with lawmakers.
Let me add a few more of Perry's massive failures:

The Texas Residential Construction Commission. Created by his donors, stacked with his donors, and killed after just 6 years.
Homeowners insurance reform. Tripled our rates since 2003.
Electricity deregulation. In 2003 Texas ranked 4th in affordable electricity. We are now 37th.
College tuition deregulation. Doubled since 2003. Destroyed the Texas Tomorrow Fund. ($2 Billion in debt)
We're #1 in air pollution.
We're #1 in water pollution.
We're #1 in teen pregnancy.
Highest rate of high school dropouts.
Largest attempted government land grab in the history of Texas, the Trans Texas Corridor.
Passed a massive business franchise tax in 2005 before claiming victory in reducing it in 2007.
Taxed everything from fishing to tobacco use to make up for his mismanagement of funds.
Presided over massive deficits throughout his career including the current $21 Billion deficit and the $10 Billion deficit in 2002.
Has wasted millions on "Mexican cam" which led to only a handful of arrests.
Has done nothing if anything on immigration even while while his party controlled Congress and the White House.
Has turned the Governor's Office into a pay to play form of government.
Perry has been a 10-year failure for the State. As the Statesman says:

If you're driven by campaign-trail zingers, White might not be your candidate. But a longer listen produces the inescapable conclusion that White is a thoughtful, experienced, unifying leader - just what Texas needs now. That's why we are endorsing him to become Texas' 48th governor.

Torture is Wrong! We live near W so you don't have to. Send love

[ Parent ]
tom47, Absolutely, and then there's the (0.00 / 0)
"bizness" he gave Texas Tech regents.

The stories more than hint that he ran off members of the BoR of the university upon their expressing support for KBH.



and that article links to this:

Two former regents say Perry allies pressured them to resign
By Corrie MacLaggan and Jason Embry
Saturday, September 05, 2009
Two former Texas Tech University System regents said Friday that allies of Gov. Rick Perry's pressured them to resign after their support for Perry's political rival - U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison - became public.
One of the former regents, Windy Sitton, said that Scott Dueser, then chairman of the board, told her last year that the governor's office had said for Sitton "to cease and desist supporting Kay Bailey immediately or resign from the board." She said that she did neither. Perry replaced her this year after her term expired.
Mark Griffin, a Lubbock businessman whom Perry appointed to the Board of Regents in 2005, said he got the resignation call from former Perry chief of staff Brian Newby after praisingHutchison at an August campaign rally. She is challenging Perry in the March Republican gubernatorial primary. Griffin said he resigned shortly after Newby told him that the governor "expects loyalty out of his appointees and if you can't be loyal, it's probably not best to be on the team."
Neither Dueser nor Newby could be reached Friday. Perry spokeswoman Allison Castle said she was not aware of the governor's office asking anyone to tell Sitton to stop supporting Hutchison. Castle declined to address whether Perry or his staff asked Newby to call Griffin.
Sitton, a former Lubbock mayor whom Perry appointed to the Tech board in 2004, said Dueser contacted her after her name was published last fall in a list of Hutchison supporters. She said she declined to resign because she "did not want to call any negative attention to Texas Tech."
She said she supported Perry for years and never expected him to run again.
"If somebody gives you a good appointment, you support them," Sitton said. "I feel like I did support him." She added: "I think when politics supersede and override good governance for a public institution, it doesn't serve the citizens of Texas."
According to Griffin, during his his conversation with Newby, he asked
what the governor wanted him to do. Griffin said Newby, a former Tech regent,told him Perry would not ask him to resign, but would accept his resignation if he offered it.
Griffin wrote a letter of resignation to the governor, dated Aug. 21. The letter doesn't say why he resigned, but on Friday, Griffin said, "I was concerned that my staying on would be a distraction and could possibly place the institution at political risk."
Castle said that aside from Griffin's resignation letter and Perry's response accepting the resignation and thanking him for his service, "our office has not had any contact with Mr. Griffin regarding his resignation."
At the Aug. 20 rally in Lubbock, Griffin introduced Hutchison as "a lady who can transcend politics by strong, effective, principled leadership of the state of Texas," according to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.
Griffin said Friday that the introduction was "in my capacity as a private citizen; I was not acting in any official capacity" as a regent.
The Board of Regents is responsible for approving a budget, setting tuition rates and hiring top administrators for the university system and its campuses. A spot on a board of regents is one of the most prestigious appointments a governor can make.
Another Perry-appointed regent who resigned under pressure was Robert Rowling of the University of Texas System's governing board.
Rowling quit that post and his position as chairman of the Board of Regents' investment arm in February during questioning by the state Senate Finance Committee. Some senators were upset about bonuses awarded to investment arm employees as the financial markets were plunging. The hearing came after Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst wrote a letter to Rowling criticizing the bonuses.
It was also shortly after Rowling, a billionaire who contributed more than $200,000 to Perry's campaigns, had signed on as a member of Hutchison's campaign leadership team.
Perry has also been linked to controversy at the Texas A&M University System.
Some legislators criticized Perry this year for moving money from one of his economic-development funds into another fund to give an unusually large grant to the A&M System for a pharmaceutical manufacturing center.
"We are shocked and dismayed to hear that Perry is yet again playing politics with Texas' universities," Hutchison spokesman Jeff Sadosky said. "Here we were thinking he only used A&M as his political playground."
cmaclaggan@statesman.com; 445-3548
jembry@statesman.com; 445-3572

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