Day 70 of Rick “Chicken” Perry Refusing to Debate: Bill White Debates Libertarian Kathie Glass

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Today is Day 70 of Rick Perry refusing to debate Bill White.

Today also marks the first debate of the general election season, as Democrat Bill White and Libertarian Kathie Glass will square off at a league of women voters debate in Kerrville tonight, at 7pm. The debate will be streamed live on the KVHC website. Before the weekend began, R.G. Ratcliffe wrote a piece about the debate, “Debate will go on without Perry”

The first debate in the Texas governor's race will be between a pair of Houstonians in the Hill Country on Monday, minus Gov. Rick Perry. […]

Kerrville Area League President Donna Robinson said Perry was invited to attend but turned it down. Robinson said Perry remains invited to show up Monday if he wishes.

And I don't mind highlighting what Bill White had to say about tonight's debate on his Facebook page:

The League of Women Voters is a mainstream, non-partisan group promoting voter education and candidate accountability. I accepted their invitation to debate others running for Governor tomorrow in Kerrville. Kathy Glass, Libertarian candidate, also accepted. Perry's handlers don't want him to answer questions about the state's financial condition or all the insider dealing and mismanagement, so he won't show up.

Rick “Chicken” Perry has now held a Perry-White debate ransom for 70 days. There is no justifiable reason for Perry not to debate:

Tonight's debate, meanwhile, will only hurt Perry more. As Charles Kuffner writes, “It’s all right, he wouldn’t have contributed anything to the debate anyway”:

I’m pretty sure White is going to spend his entire allotment talking about Perry, Perry’s miserable failure of a record as Governor, and the fact that Perry didn’t have the stones to show up and talk about his record.

Agreed, Charles. And in the mean time, the chicken suit isn't going anywhere for a while…

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  1. just a suggestion
    I know y'all have invested a lot of time in this nickname, but in my humble opinion, Chicken Rick rolls off the tongue a whole lot better than the much more cumbersome and unwieldy Rick “Chicken” Perry. Any time you have to introduce punctuation marks into a nickname, you've lost half the battle.

    Say it out loud and see if you don't like it better.

    Chicken Rick.

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