Rick Perry Tops the “List You Don't Want to be on”

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One thing Rick Perry is consistent about it, he is a national disgrace. Rick Perry toped Rick Sanchez's list you don't want to be on.  Perry continues to misconstrue his stance on federal money and the budget and that got Rick Sanchez rightfully riled up.

As Wayne Slater succinctly wrote, “CNN's Rick Sanchez calls out Rick Perry for denouncing all things Washington while taking $22 billion in stimulus money to balance the state budget. Perry finds himself on the List You Don't Want To Be On.”

Rick Perry is a national disgrace and is basically lying to his base to earn political points. No Texas Governor has taken more money from the federal government ever. Rick Perry brags about not taking $500 million to help people in Texas while taking $22 billion to cover up his gross mismanagement of the Texas budget. With an $18 billion shortfall expected for the next session, how will Governor Perry fulfill the requirement of balancing the budget when he won't take federal money? Since Perry has never offered a set of solutions to this, I would expect a Norquist style drowning of all social programs.

If not, he is going to have to take money from the federal government again.  Or he is going to have let the Texas default on it's obligations. In either case, Perry has put Texas on the wrong path and continues to mischaracterize his position on federal money. He supports it when it saves him but opposes it when it's an election year.

I wonder if Perry's supporters would be okay demanding the Governor give back the $22 billion Perry used to balance the budget in previous bienniums. Somehow I doubt it.  


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