Select 2010 Municipal Election Results

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There are municipal races scattered across Texas tonight and while we won't be reporting on all of them here, below are some select results from races of interest or that we have covered here previously on Burnt Orange Report. In the Central Texas area I'd turn to the News 8 Austin compilation of all area races for results. Results from the Rio Grande Valley can be found here.

ACC: All precincts reporting.

AISD: All precincts reporting.

NOTE: The display below is formated with the Early Vote % first, and the Total Vote % second where applicable.

Austin Community College Place 5

39.18% | 39.88% Vic Villarreal – RUNOFF

17.96% | 16.80% Davis Jones

24.14% | 24.81% David S. Reiter – RUNOFF

18.72% | 18.50% Fred L. McGhee

Austin Community College Place 6

19.13% | 18.23% Michael Perrine

30.24% | 28.23% Raymond Hartfield

50.64% | 53.53% Guadalupe (Lupe) Sosa – ELECTED

AISD Place 6

29.42% | 23.67% Glen P. Mayes

70.58% | 76.33% Lori Moya – ELECTED

AISD Place 7

46.33% | 47.05% Warren Faulkner

53.67% | 52.95% Robert Ray Schneider

AISD Place 9

 6.58% | 4.88% Casandra Enoch Brown

15.71% | 11.61% Dianne T. Mendoza

34.30% | 36.86% Julie Cowan – RUNOFF

34.46% | 40.54% Tamala Barksdale – RUNOFF

 8.96% | 6.11% Mike Reed

Fredericksburg- Mayor

52.13% Tom Musselman – ELECTED

45.94% Walter Moldenhauer

 1.93% Richard Bartholomee

Fredericksburg- City Council

29.53% Tim Dooley – ELECTED

28.57% Graham Pearson – ELECTED

23.24% Tommy Segner

 9.46% John Detmar

 9.20% Scott Jones

Statement from County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir on possible runoff election

Responding to questions from the media and the public about a possible runoff election, County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir said that the only races in which a runoff appears possible include:

=    Austin Community College Trustee, Place 5

=    Austin Community College Trustee, Place 6

=    Austin Independent School District, Position 9

=    City of Cedar Park Council, Place 6

DeBeauvoir said her office had provided cost estimates to both ACC and AISD for a potential June runoff election. Initial estimates for a runoff involving both ACC and AISD total $496,910, with the share being split proportionately by district size.

ACC estimated cost:  $286,044 (additional costs for Williamson County precincts)

AISD estimated cost:  $210,866

Total runoff estimate for ACC and AISD:  $496,910

Should the City of Cedar Park election result in a runoff, DeBeauvoir said that election would be conducted by Williamson County.

It appears that in the AISD Place 9 runoff, Barksdale has received the endorsements of 1 of the 3 losing candidates as well as the endorsement of the retiring incumbent.

Statesman: Already on Saturday, Barksdale said she had received new endorsements from Enoch Brown, who got 5 percent of the vote, and Dulaney Smith.


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  1. The difference between the early vote and election day is striking
    With the exception of AISD Place 7, all of the races were a lot tighter in EV than on election day. The surges for the front runners didn't change any of the results, but they put exclamation points on all of them.

    The ACC5 runoff will be interesting, especially since a lot of Democratic clubs (and BOR) backed Jones. Where will they go? Also, the runoff will be after school gets out, which will change the electorate.

    Meanwhile, AISD9 will depend a lot on party identification, since Barksdale is a Democrat and Cowan is a Republican. But remember that this is a nonpartisan election, and that on some issues Cowan is actually to the left of Barksdale. Party labels don't really describe these two women, both of whom care deeply about making public education work for everybody. Cowan would make a good board member. IMO, Barksdale would make a better one.  

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