Big Gig Austin: City Officially Submits Application for Google Fiber Network

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On Friday, City Council Member Laura Morrison send out this celebratory message by email:

It's official …the City of Austin's Google application is submitted and we have received confirmation!!  The city's application, coupled with tremendous community support, is an impressive piece of work. Regardless of future outcomes, it has been an incredible collaborative effort that we should all be proud of.  

The city's official application was the culmination of a strong effort to bring a fiber network to Austin.  If Google awards us with their fiber network, Austin would be blessed with an amazing infrastructure advantage, as we would have Internet access 100 times faster than what we have now – at 1 gigabyte per second.  And I'd imagine we might stand a pretty good shot.

Below is a map of official responses Google received, where the small dots represent government responses and the bigger, darker dots represent responses by at least 1,000 residents.  Clearly, Austin is in the top 2 or 3 communities based upon interest.

And besides, Austin has already showed great prospects as a hub for technological advancement.  And the people at Big Gig Austin are strong activists that should show Google that Austin is worth it.  This can turn into a very exciting development, so we wish the folks in City Hall and at Big Gig Austin the best of luck.


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  1. Bobby Levinski on

    Google Starts Here
    The video submitted with the application is pretty inspirational.  Makes you really love living in Austin.  You can watch it here:

    There are also letters from all sorts of community leaders explaining why they think Austin is the perfect location for the Google pilot project.

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