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Rick Green Punches His Way Into SCOTX Run-Off!

by: Katherine Haenschen

Wed Mar 03, 2010 at 03:23 PM CST

(The most absurd run-off today! Who knew Chuck Norris' endorsement was the most important factor in determining judges on our state's highest court? - promoted by Katherine Haenschen)

Remember Republican Rick Green, former State Representative from Dripping Springs? He was ousted by Democrat Patrick Rose in 2002, in a race decided by only 335 votes. Four years later, Green was apparently still upset, and on election day he punched Patrick Rose in the face at a polling location. An APB was put out for his arrest.

Well, as we posted earlier, that very same Rick Green is in a run-off for the Republican nomination to our highest civil court in Texas, the State Supreme Court. Yes! That's right. As I've heard more than one attorney say, "If Rick Green wins, we might as well tear up our law degrees."

Rick Green is a total toolbag, as well chronicled in Paul Stekler's great documentary Last Man Standing: Politics Texas Style. (If you haven't watched Last Man Standing I highly recommend it. Great stuff.)

Here's my question: if Rick Green loses the run-off, will he punch Debra Lehrmann in the face?

Unfortunately, we don't have footage handy of Rick Green punching people who beat him. But we do have a similar video of one of my favorite SNL skits, which is equally absurd as Rick Green winning a seat on our highest court. Just superimpose* Rick Green on Samberg.

* Irony: apparently it was the Rose campaign superimposing Green's photo on Rose's 2006 opponent in some direct-mail that made Green so mad he punched Rose.

Jim Sharp stands ready to challenge the winner of the run-off in the General Election. There is a Libertarian candidate, as well. Sharp actually managed to eke out a victory in the crowded 8-way judicial poll conducted by the State Bar of Texas. Should Green actually win--I have little faith that the GOP Run-Off voters will pick the woman, who is currently a District Judge and therefore not nearly as woefully unqualified in this race--we've got to make sure folks pay close attention to this race now through November.  


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Ric Green (0.00 / 0)
The really horrible thought is that Green has a real chance of winning the GOP Run-off.  The turnout will be small and he has the organized support of the "Wall" people who oppose the First Amendment.  That may be enough to carry him thru.  Plus the power of the straight ticket vote in November could well be enough to win then too.  It would take the unified voice of ALL the media as was the case with the "not the real" Don Yarbrough some years ago to defeat him.  But no one seems to be listening to the media these days.  Our Supreme Court is bad enough already. Green's being on the bench would make it a laughing stock.

Why the Supreme Court? (5.00 / 1)
I'd think Green would be a much more natural fit on the SBOE.

Why the Supreme Court? (3.00 / 1)
Rick thinks it will allow him to spend more time with the Supreme Being.

"The eyes of the people are fast opening! Fight on!"--Andrew Jackson

[ Parent ]
Why the Supreme Court? (0.00 / 0)
Rick thinks it will allow him to spend more time with the Supreme Being.

"The eyes of the people are fast opening! Fight on!"--Andrew Jackson

[ Parent ]
Just a Thought (3.00 / 1)
Katherine, your writing is becoming more and more Molly-esque all the time.  Please keep it up.  I say this with respect and affection.

Two thoughts: (0.00 / 0)
First, Rick Green has been endorsed by Chuck Norris:


You probably think such endorsements mean nothing, but past gubernatorial races in California and Minnesota confirm that there are plenty of voters who find such side-show novelties very appealing.  Every time you see someone repeating the story about Rick Green punching Pat Rose in the face, remind yourself that you are just reinforcing an image that Green embraces and does not run away from because -- I assure you -- Rick Green is not too worried about people associating him with punching a young pretty-boy lawyer in the face. I suspect Rick Green gains more than one vote for every vote he might lose as a result of punching Pat Rose in the face.

Second, I know plenty of Democrats who have expressed the strong desire to punch Pat Rose in the face (because it seems like I recall that Pat was once a very close political henchman to a certain GOP speaker of the house who I will not name for fear of starting a riot). I'm not sure who is going to blame Rick Green for doing what so many people in both parties have contemplated at one time or another.  

Has he been to Plano? (3.00 / 1)
I think he punched her campaign sign, because there is one Lehrmann sign in Plano where the portion of it that shows her face had been vandalized.

Please, please let Rick win the run-off (4.00 / 2)
I think we would have a fantastic opportunity to win this seat if Green is their candidate.  Jim Sharp is much more qualified for this seat.

Rick has so many ethical problems in his history, it would be fantastic to relive his greatest hits.  Pun intended.

Maybe Rick and Dick Cheney could go hunting together some time.

Don't you think Rick Green almost certainly wins the runoff? (0.00 / 0)
Look at his endorsements:

Warren Chisum,
Dan Flynn,
Leo Berman,
Wayne Christian,
Bryan Hughes,
Talmadge Heflin,
Mathew Staver,
Zig Ziglar,
David Barton,
Chuck Norris,
Kelly Shackelford,
Richard Ford,
Tim Lambert,
Dr. Steve Hotze,
Peggy Venable,
Carol Everett,
Lt Col (Ret) Brian Birdwell,
Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar,
Mayor Frank Reilly,
Judge Paul Pressler,
Jared Woodfill,
Texas Municipal Police Association,
Kathy Haigler,
Dianne Caron,
Bonnie Lugo,
Skipper Wallace,
Gayla Miller,
Valoree Swanson,
Peggy Thompson,
Cheri Isett,
Benona Love,
Phyllis Worsham,
James Barnes,
Clint Moore,
Sheryl Berg,
Dennis Paul,
Josh Flynn,
John Cook,
Clyde Seibman,
Adam McManus,
Robin Steele,
Jim Betancourt,
plus many more!


Dems won't like those names (and isn't that sorta the point in the GOP primary?), but that's a virtual "Who's Who" of Texas conservative true believers.

Those names will mean more to the heart and soul of the Texas GOP than anything Debra Lehrmann can offer, and if Rick Green gets the votes of the heart and soul of the GOP, he wins the primary runoff and then -- if history is a barometer -- the general election.

Frankly, I like Jim Sharp's chances if Debra Lehrmann gets the nomination (which is another reason why the GOP will choose Rick Green in the runoff).  If Lehrmann get's the nod, expect the GOP faithful to blame it on Dems who voted in our primary to boost Kay Hutchison and who then stuck around for the runoff.

[ Parent ]
Rick Green? ROTFLMAO (sort of) (0.00 / 0)
Somewhere, out in the cosmos, Charlotte Rhodes is screaming.  Charlotte, remember when we sat in your kitchen before you passed on and talked about bad pennies turning up?  Once again, we were right on target.  The possibility of Green on the Supreme Court . . . brrrr!  

Isn't Rick Green a Momma's Boy? (0.00 / 0)
If he's the guy I remember, maybe his mom will tell him how to rule.

(weird, feeling very abusive today)

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