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If you are a progressive employer, you’ve been frustrated by the limited availability of workers for campaigns and nonprofit work, even outside of Texas.

If you are a progressive job seeker, you know how difficult it is to fill income gaps between campaigns and jobs.

The Texas Blue Pages is a free network connecting professionals in the fields of progressive politics and and advocacy to jobs and career resources. If you would like to post a job to our list, or to contact us, email: bluepages@burntorangereport.com

Jobs Lists

Whether you’re looking for a job in Texas or elsewhere, these are leading lists of employment opportunities in government, campaigns, non-profits, associations, and the private sector.

Texas Blue Pages List: Jobs with particular appeal to progressives in Texas, powered by Christine’s List

Texas Listings

Christine’s List:  Jobs in public affairs, politics, and communications
Government Jobs in Texas:  Federal, state, county, and city jobs in Texas
Greenlights:  Non-profit jobs throughout Central Texas
Texas House of Representatives:  Jobs in the state house with members and departments

Texas Job Market:  Aggregated postings and career advice for jobs in Texas
Texas Non Profits:  Non-profit job listings throughout Texas
Union Jobs Texas:  Labor jobs across Texas
Work in Texas:  Comprehensive list maintained by Texas Workforce Commission

National Listings

ASAE:  Compendium of jobs in associations
Brad Traverse:  Comprehensive job listings in Washington DC
Democratic Gain:  Jobs with progressive and Democratic political organizations
EMILY’s List:  Jobs electing pro-choice Democratic women
Grassroots Solutions:  Field and organizing jobs across the country
HillZoo:  Jobs in Washington DC
Idealist:  Wide array of job listings
JobsthatareLEFT:  A GoogleGroup featuring a broad array of jobs with a lefty bent
Opportunity 501:  Jobs in the non-profit sector
Political Job Hunt:  Job bank published by PoliticalWire.com

Political Jobs:  Jobs in politics, public affairs and governments worldwide
Power Jobs by Politico:  Job listing service run by Politico
Public Affairs Council:  Public affairs jobs at corporations, associations, and advocacy groups
Public Relations Society of America:  Jobs in public relations, communications and marketing
Roll Call Jobs:  Jobs section of Capitol Hill news source
The Chronicle of Philanthropy:  Jobs in the non-profit sector
The Hill:  Jobs section of congressional daily newspaper
Tom Manatos Jobs:  A top jobs list in Washington DC
Work for Congress:  Jobs in Congress and on campaigns

Professional Resources

Make yourself the strongest candidate possible with these comprehensive resources.

Annie’s List:  Campaign school provides comprehensive trainings for recent college graduates during election years; trainees are placed on campaigns with endorsed candidates.

Democratic Gain:  This is a career page for people working in progressive politics. Need help writing a resume? Questions about expanding your network and sharpening your skills? It’s all here.

New Organizing Institute:   NOI trains organizers to build and manage effective community organizations and cutting-edge digital campaigns, and focus on data-driven decision making.

Q&A coming soon! Submit job questions to bluepages@burntorangereport.com or ask your question anonymously here.

Other Helpful Links

Connect with other professionals in your industry, look for internships, reach out to political vendors.

American Association of Political Consultants:  National non-partisan professional organization

Capitol Crowd:  Figure out who’s worked where in the Pink Dome

LAITS Internship Center:  The Department of Government’s internship connection center

Texas Young Professionals:  Networking opportunities and events in Texas

About Texas Blue Pages

Texas Blue Pages was created to offer a free, online clearinghouse of job and career resources for Texas progressive professionals, in the hope that a strong network will enable more good people to stay in Texas where they are sorely needed. Texas Blue Pages offers job listings, career links, and resources for trainings, advice, networks and best practices.

Got a suggestion? Texas Blue Pages is for you. Help us make it better: bluepages@burntorangereport.com

Texas Blue Pages is published by Ed Espinoza, Katherine Haenschen, and Christine Garrison of Christine’s List.

Contact Texas Blue Pages: bluepages@burntorangereport.com

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