Happy Valentine’s Day, America! Let’s Get Trump’s Tax Returns!

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Just when you thought there was nothing anyone could give the U.S. to cheer her up, Austin’s own (and only) Democratic Congressman Rep. Lloyd Doggett came up with the perfect gift! Tax returns!

Today, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Rep. Doggett introduced an amendment in the House Ways and Means Committee that would require Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

His reason for introducing the amendment today? Rep. Doggett believes, given the latest news of now-former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s “entanglement” with Russia prior to Trump’s inauguration, the U.S. Congress must see the returns to determine what, if any, foreign entanglements Trump may be hiding.

Who needs champagne and chocolate when you could have page after page of steamy real estate transactions and a completely empty schedule of charitable donations?

Take a look:

The amendment was voted down along, you guessed it, party lines. Here’s Rep. Doggett’s statement after the vote:

I’m deeply troubled by this committee voting to cover-up important tax return information about potential entanglements of President Trump with foreign interests, including the Russians. Especially with General Flynn’s resignation after his entanglement with the Russians, the American people have reason to question whether, on this Valentine’s Day, more than ‘From Russia with Love’ is at stake here. There is no issue this committee could consider that is more important than assuring the confidence of the American people in our democracy – that our system of checks and balances truly works.

Thank you, Rep. Doggett, for making the connection between Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and the growing body of evidence that “To Russia, with love” should definitely be the theme for this year’s White House Valentine’s Day party. We bet Steve Bannon makes a great Stalin!

xoxo Burnt Orange Report



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