Ted Cruz, Troy Newman and Terrorism at Planned Parenthood

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A Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs remains closed this morning as police process the crime scene of an hours-long terrorist attack that left 3 people dead and 9 hospitalized.

The terrorist was arrested by police.

Three people are dead; nine more were hospitalized last night.

Meanwhile, leaders of various anti-abortion groups are issuing statements disclaiming any culpability whatsoever for the latest act of terrorism at a health clinic.

One of those people insisting that he is in no way responsible is Operation Rescue president Troy Newman, who just this week endorsed Senator Ted Cruz. 

The press release Cruz issued about this endorsement names two of Newman’s more recent publications, but leaves out an earlier book, Their Blood Cries Out, in which Newman explains that abortion creates a “bloodguilt” that must be avenged by execution. If that execution is not carried out by God, he writes in this polemic co-authored with a woman who served two years in federal prison for conspiring to firebomb a clinic, then someone else needs to do it.

But who?

At what point will our country condemn politicians and activists for inciting violence with their dangerous rhetoric? When activists like Newman and politicians like Cruz demonize abortion providers, liken the medical procedure to the Holocaust, and talk about the need to defend the unborn, they cannot act surprised when someone takes action.

The anti-abortion movement has, at various times, printed wanted posters with the names, photos, work addresses, and sometimes even home addresses of doctors who provide abortion. Many featured on those posters were later assassinated.

In Dallas this week, masked and armed men circled a mosque and published the names and home addresses of people who worship at that mosque. After several days and numerous reports of this threatening behavior, the group removed the list of names from the internet.

If your goal is prayerful protest, you do not need to know the home address of the person whose actions you are protesting. 

Prayers do not require a zip code.

The list was removed because we all recognize this behavior as something that goes beyond constitutionally-protected, though reprehensible, protest. We recognize it is a call to action. We understand it is provocation.

Politicians like Senator Ted Cruz, meanwhile, go on issuing press releases touting the support of dangerous anti-abortion demagogues, then shrug and say they have nothing to do with violence at clinics. Ted Cruz is proud to have the support of a man who has, in print, called for the execution of abortion providers.

Texans, this is who represents us in the United States Senate. He is running for president in 2016, and will be up for re-election to the senate, if he does not win the presidency, in 2018. Is this who we want representing us?


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