Rick Perry Spars Ted Cruz in Proxy War Over Donald Trump Comments

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“Politics is showbiz for ugly people” may have been coined by a Texas lobbyist, but it’s been reaffirmed by Donald Trump’s transition from eccentric TV Billionaire to GOP presidential front-runner. Some conspiracy theorists are starting to question if The Donald is a left wing plot to sabotage the GOP, and if so, right now he is giving Stephen Colbert a serious run for his money.

When Trump made comments about John McCain’s heroism I thought for sure he was done. But Rush Limbaugh and an Army of internet trolls once again came to his defense against squishy Republicans and the Washington establishment.

The Donald’s tirade has also played a front in the proxy war between Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz, who have yet to open direct lines of attack on each other. I have to agree with Statesman’s Jonathan Tilove, “Trump’s surge in the polls has come at the expense of other candidates, including both Perry and Ted Cruz.”

But let’s face it, Cruz was beating the anti-immigrant drum before he happened to be trumped by a billion-dollar bouffant. Cruz has opted to put that aside, along with the fact that Trump has questioned his legitimacy as a citizen, to instead defend the attention magnate and indulge his gluttony for adoration, “I think he’s terrific, I think he’s brash, I think he speaks the truth,” Cruz testified.

Why would Cruz do such a thing? Perhaps even as Trump soars to a double digit lead in the polls, Cruz anticipates that when The Donald comes crashing down (and we all know he has to) that he will be the second son and inherit his wealth of political capital and supporters.

Cruz has blamed the media and stated that he doesn’t support “Republican on Republican violence,” but there is none more guilty of that charge than Trump himself. The guy gave out a sitting U.S. Senator’s actual cell phone number! Yes, and he was a fellow Republican presidential candidate at that. Trump also questioned the heroism of POWs, but with $4 billion (or $10 if you ask Trump) and sound bites made of Tea Party gold, who can stop him?

There is one Texan out there that has accepted the challenge, despite the relentless retaliatory verbal abuse, and that man is Rick Perry. Perry has squared up to Trump in an approach in complete contrast to Ted Cruz. Perry doesn’t want Trump’s money (any more) or his supporters. Perry wants to prove that he has what it takes to be a serious candidate, take back the headlines and reestablish order (just like he did on the border).

One thing Perry apparently isn’t taking seriously enough for “heavy-hitting Republicans” back home — his indictment. Scott Braddock notes on the Quorum Report that, “some of Perry’s Republican friends have been frustrated that the former governor seems to be taking Trump more seriously than the indictment at the moment.” That little asterisk next to his serious campaign bid has so far cost campaign supporters over $2,000,000, and that is only after he was pressured not to use taxpayer money.

According to the Texas Tribune “Perry is nonetheless waging an underdog bid for the White House, maintaining to voters that the case is politically motivated and will eventually fade away.” It makes you wonder if he is simply campaigning to pay his legal fees, it is certainly a thought that must be going through the minds of donors.

At this point it seems more likely that Rick Perry the presidential candidate will fade away before either The Donald, or his legal troubles. Perry has bet his return to front runner status on trading barbs with Trump, calling him “toxic” and comparing him to cancer. But a look at Google searches shows that any reports you hear about Perry are likely the comments made by The Donald, oops!  Don’t take my word for it, just look at the data, Trump keeps the hits coming! But if Trump is a cancer, then Perry better call the Make A Wish Foundation.


Update: 4:20 p.m.: 

It appears that Trump has grown tired of tossing Rick Perry free airtime, and perhaps for the first time in recorded history Trump has “no comment.” That’s the word after Perry went on an anti-Trump tirade today.

More hits by Trump:

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