Breaking: AG Ken Paxton’s Felony Case Headed to Grand Jury

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Last summer, when he was running to be the state’s top lawyer, Ken Paxton admitted to actions that constitute a third-degree felony. Because this is Texas, he nevertheless got elected to be the state’s attorney general, perhaps hoping that after the election, his legal problems would just fade away.

Fortunately for Texans, Ken Paxton’s legal problems aren’t going anywhere any time soon. This week, the special prosecutors investigating Paxton announced that his case is headed to a grand jury next month.

Earlier this month, a county judge expanded the Texas Rangers investigation into Paxton’s activities to include allegations of possible fraud. The original case against Paxton only focused on whether he acted as an unregistered investment advisor. (An action that, according to a law Paxton himself voted for, is a third-degree felony. It’s also an action that Paxton himself admitted to doing.) However, new details emerged about Paxton’s shady business deals in late May, such as the fact that Paxton failed to inform his legal clients about the thousands he was making in profits from referring them to one of his cronies who was an investment advisor, leading to the expansion of the investigation to include all violations of state securities law.

Ken Paxton, who you may recall, was vocally endorsed by Ted Cruz, has had a history of bizarre legal problems. He admitted to losing money in a Ponzi scheme run by a man who claimed to have found Noah’s Ark. He also reportedly stole a $1000 pen from the Collin County Courthouse.

Now, Paxton’s history of questionably legal actions are finally catching up with him. His grand jury process will likely take longer than the typical 3 months, but hopefully, there is an indictment waiting for him at the end of it. Texans deserve an attorney general who respects the law instead of flouting it, and indicting Ken Paxton would be the first step in the right direction.


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