New Ads in CD-23 Highlight Will Hurd’s Plan to Slash Funding for Veterans and Schools

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The race for Texas’ 23rd congressional district is one of the most competitive House races of this election. Republicans see the race as an opportunity to pick up the seat currently held by Pete Gallego, and have been pouring outside money into the race in support of their candidate, Will Hurd.

Hurd, like many Republicans, has proposed slashing the federal budget. Speaking at a Tea Party forum earlier this year, Hurd said, “Congress needs to cap federal spending to ‘a percentage of GDP- 18% is a good number’ because that was the number when the budget was last balanced. ‘That would translate to cuts of 16% across the board.'”

Hurd’s proposed 16% across-the-board budget cuts would be devastating for Texans in the 23rd District. One major area that would be cut are veterans’ services–there are over 46,000 veterans living in CD-23 who would be hurt by Hurd’s budget plan.

Another program that would be at risk is Medicare. The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities has found that budget plans like Hurd’s require turning Medicare into a voucher program if they wish to even come close to the level of cuts proposed. That kind of program would only benefit the wealthiest seniors, leaving the rest to suffer.

Democrats are fighting back against Hurd and national Republicans in full force. This week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) launched two new television ads that highlight how harmful Hurd’s proposals are to CD-23’s constituents. As the DCCC said in a statement, the ads “feature testimonials from a Texas veteran and teacher, speaking out against Will Hurd’s dangerous budget plan that is out-of-touch with Texas values: slashing support for vital programs like veterans benefits and our education system while giving tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy.”

The two ads, “Proud” and “Stretched” are below.

In comparison, Pete Gallego has a history of standing up for his constituents to pass measures like VA reform–and he is the only candidate who will continue to stand up for his constituents’ needs in Congress.


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